Little Mermaid Gone Wrong

by Travis Erickson

My Little Mermaid Gone Wrong Funny Insurance Claim

My Little Mermaid Gone Wrong Funny Insurance Claim

When I was just a young lad, about four years old, I was playing Little Mermaid in my dad's yellow truck.

I was trying to re-enact the scene where Prince Eric valiantly saves Ariel from Ursula.

Somehow in my fierce struggle with the imaginary octopus, I managed to release the emergency brake in my dad's yellow truck.

Now, the house that we lived in at the time was perched on top of a hill which my mother would always park at the bottom of.

Consequently my father's yellow truck went rolling down the hill straight into my mother's car.

When my father phoned the incident in to his insurance company the agent on the line said, "Twenty years in the business and I've never heard a story like that."

And yes, they covered the damages!

- Travis

Hi Travis,

What a tale! I bet your family has never let you forget that funny auto insurance story either.

I take it you weren't hurt in the adventure? That could have been pretty scary for both you and your folks.

I hope you at least were able to save Arial. :-)

You didn't mention which car insurance company your dad was insured with at the time. Do you happen to know? If so, do let us know.

It's always nice to hear car accident stories and auto insurance claim stories that have a happy ending. It makes for a nice change!

Thanks again for telling about your misadventure!
Angie from Auto Insurance Helper

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