Liberty Mutual Insurance Canada

by Scott
(Edmonton, Canada)

Customer Review of Liberty Mutual Insurance in Canada

Customer Review of Liberty Mutual Insurance in Canada

When I made my 3rd accident claim ($800.00) in 5 years, no one at Liberty Mutual Insurance Canada warned me that I would be dropped if I made this claim.

I could have just paid this amount but I was under the wrong impression that car insurance covered accidental damage caused by me.

I was notified by a phone call that I was being dropped. Was I ever wrong about car insurance!!!

When I tried to find another insurance company they all made me felt like I was a capital criminal and I had a terrible time finding another company.

Surely, Liberty Mutual would have known that this would be the outcome for me if they just dropped me without warning. When I asked if I could just pay them the $800.00, they said NO!!

Progressive insurance was the only company that treated me like a human being and understood my problem. I would still be with them if they hadn't left Canada.

I will not ever speak well about Liberty Mutual Insurance Canada because I don't believe that I was treated like a customer, but only a source of revenue.

You'd think that one department could talk with the other and warn the customer before the dropping claim is made.

Thank you Liberty Mutual for teaching me a hard lesson and I will not promote your company to anyone that I know.


Hi Scott,

What a shame about your bad experience with Liberty Mutual Car Insurance in Canada. It's probably not that unusual that an insurance company drops a customer if they make what the company considers to be too many claims in a certain period of time.

It's definitely NOT NICE, but unfortunately that IS how a lot of insurance companies operate. They are in the business of making heaps of money. If you are costing them too much money, you become a liability or a risk to their bottom line.

Of course, $800 is a tiny drop in the bucket and you'd think that your local agent would have had the kindness to let you know that you were at the least risking a rate increase by filing that claim and also being canceled altogether.

I hope you are able to find another Canada auto insurance company that isn't going to cost you an arm and a leg and that treats you right. Canadian residents can get a range of quotes free from different insurance companies in Canada by filling out this Kanetix online quote form. Let us know if you find a good one.

Save driving,
Angie from Auto Insurance Helper

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