Large Animal?

by Kristen


A "Large Animal" Hit Broke The Windshield?

Two funny insurance claims in one!

First of all, my husband completely totaled my car when he hit a horse that was standing in the road.

I was relieved that he was okay, but I felt the need to make fun of him continuously for not seeing the horse!

When I was chatting with the insurance company (Geico), the representative told me that not long ago someone had called because their girlfriend had busted their windshield.

She told me that wasn't an option for filing, so she had to file it under "hit large animal."

Imagine how that poor girl must have felt!!!



That's definitely two funny insurance claims in one!

Colliding with a horse, imagine that! I know hitting moose is quite common (and very dangerous) in Alaska, and deer from Ohio (my neck of the woods) but I don't hear of people hitting horses very often.

I'm so glad your hubby was okay! Well, I'm assuming that he was since you didn't mention otherwise. ;) Hitting an animal as large as a horse can be fatal in some cases, so I guess you all are counting your blessings and the grace of the Lord.

About the second half of your story, you're so right; that poor girl! Lately I've been feeling like a rather "large animal" myself. :) I am trying to do something about that.

Thanks for sharing those cute stories about some interesting auto insurance claims.

Safe Driving!
Angie from Auto Insurance Helper

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