Intact Insurance

by Fay Taylor
(Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)

Intact Insurance Customer Review

Intact Insurance Customer Review

I love INTACT Insurance!

I get an incredible deal from my insurance company in Edmonton. I am saving over $400.00 a year! The friendly customer service advice was a bonus!

I have been searching for an honest, reasonably-priced insurance company for years. I finally found a company that gave me a rate over $500.00 a year less than any other company I called for quotes.

They are called, "Intact" or "Challenge" Insurance. I was offered friendly advice and the Intact representative showed me ways to save money which I found highly unusual.

Just ask for "Pat." She is awesome!


Hi Fay,

How nice of you to take a few minutes to give praise where praise is due.

It's nice to hear good things of Intact Insurance Canada as we do get a lot of Canadian visitors looking for a great recommendation for Insurance in Canada.

Safe Driving!
Angie from Auto Insurance Helper

Comments for Intact Insurance

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Apr 06, 2011
Taking money
by: Mary

I was paying for my son's insurance in Ontario and he was able to get insurance on his house and car himself so he cancelled the policy he had with Intact 2 days late. He never did say he was going to renew in the first place but they charged me 2 days plus a cancellation fee, which I have never heard of. They also after he cancelled took 2 months money out of my account and did not put any back until Feb of this year. The insurance was cancelled in Oct. 2010 and instead of getting 2 months back I got a little over a month. This is a crime and should be stopped. I am so glad I have an honest broker and honest insurance.

Jun 27, 2012
by: Anonymous

Please DO NOT use Intact Insurance for any of your insurance needs. I have proof that this company rips people off and does not pay fairly on their claims...if they pay at all that is. They blatantly lie right to your face and in writing and they get away with it because as a consumer you have no recourse...yes I've tried FSCO, Ombudsman, etc...all a big laugh. Say thank you to your government that allows legalized theft from the people you pay a hefty amount to help you in your time of need. You WILL NOT get any help from Intact Insurance...I can guarantee that!!!

Oct 23, 2012
DO NOT get insurance with INTACT or use Moore-McLean Insurance Group Ltd.
by: Anonymous

I recently moved 3 KM from my previous address, which in tern is 3KM closer to my workplace. I sent Intact my change of address for my records and I then receive a new statement in the mail stating my insurance rate has now changed due to my move. The amount it increased was $100 PER MONTH. How does this make any sense if you move a distance of 3KM, which will then make your commute to work in back less per day (which they use to calculate your insurance) then INCREASES? And not only a couple of dollars, im talking $100 PER MONTH. That is absolutely rediculous and makes NO sense!! Do not use Moore-McLean Insurance Group Ltd. or Intact Insurance.

Oct 23, 2012
Find A Better Company
by: Angie from

Yikes! That sounds more than a little crazy! I hope you are getting free online quotes from other companies and making the switch to someone more reasonable.

You should be able to get a refund on any premiums paid in advance when you make a switch and cancel your current policy.

Feb 25, 2013
Intact Insurance is a joke when they have to pay a claim
by: Jerome

During the 2012 holidays I was in a car accident. I was hit from the back. They've deemed my vehicle total loss. They sent me an appraisal which is completely bogus and offered me a buyout price. I went through the appraisal and found many discrepancy. The vehicles they used to value mine were mostly low value. They neglected to look at the higher value cars. Clearly the appraiser is working for them. They initially said find a comparable and they will review. I went on auto trader, craigslist, Kijiji and sent them a spreadsheet with 12 comparable vehicles. They’re not interested in the review I sent them but want me to get an appraisal done. This is unfair as I have to now cover the appraisal cost to dispute them. Even if my appraisal comes higher then they will get a mediator to be an umpire. Eventually whatever increase there is in the appraisal variance between theirs and mine will be compromised 50/50. So who losses? - The consumer/I. What a waste in getting insurance. I’ve been driving for 17 years now and this is my first accident. It just pisses me off that I have to fight my own insurance to get what is fair. There has to be some recourse. Other than BBB or ombudsman is there any other recourse. Can someone provide some feedback? STAY AWAY FROM INTACT INSURANCE IF YOU CAN HELP IT. Even if you have to pay a little higher it may be worth it. Go with a reputable company. I hear TD is OK but I’m not with them.

Feb 25, 2013
Dealing With Intact Auto Insurance Adjuster
by: Angie from

Hi Jerome,

Sorry to hear about your bad experience with Intact. I'm not quite clear on your situation. Is Intact YOUR insurance company or the company of the person who hit you from behind?

If you have a different insurance provider, you should get them on board to help you fight for a fair compensation.

Do you have collision coverage? Although the other driver's insurance should be covering your loss, you should still be able to be paid out by your own company and they can pursue the reimbursement with Intact.

Don't give up!

Mar 24, 2013
Intact Insurance is a joke when they have to pay a claim- Part 2
by: Jerome

response- Intact is my Insurance. I'm not sure how it all works but i think Intact pays the claim to me but might be getting reimbursed by other parties insurance company.

I esclated the issue to the manager and we settled on a higer amount. The increased the offer by $550 at the end..

I just wish I didn't have to go through whole issue.

Mar 25, 2013
Persistence Pays Off!
by: Angie from

Hi Jerome,

Glad to hear that you finally got it settled and got more than you were offered initially. Your persistence paid off! I know it shouldn't have to be that way, but unfortunately it often is.

Thanks for letting us know how it all turned out!

May 29, 2013
Canceling Insurance
by: Anonymous

Hello, I was wondering about motocycle insurance premiums vs cancellation fees for intact. If I was insured from june to september (4months) what sort of reimbursement woud I be looking at from a 3000$ policy. It doesn't make any sense to keep it insured as it is a 1500$ bike. I'm from B.C. and a little new at this insurance game here so everything seems just a little crazy here in Ontario to be honest. I have no other policies with intact.

May 29, 2013
Canceling Insurance 2
by: Anonymous

One last side note I'm on a 11 month insurance plan paying 272 / month

May 30, 2013
Intact Motorcycle Insurance Refund
by: Angie from

You're going to have to contact Intact Insurance directly in order to find out what kind of refund they'll provide you on your motorcycle policy. You may just want to wait until you're ready to cancel to call.

Have you prepaid the full $3000 already? If so, they 'should' give you a pro-rated refund, minus some fees, but they may handle things a bit differently than in the States.

That IS an outrageous sum that you are paying, in my opinion. Is it liability only or is your bike covered too?

My hubby only pays a couple hundred dollars for liability on his bike for the whole year! I know Canada is more, but that is pretty awful.

If that IS for covering your bike, too, why not just get liability only?

Sep 24, 2013
Will I pay a penalty?
by: Gaye

I switched brokers to Intact without realizing (or being informed) that I would have to pay a penalty to my current insurance company. If I cancel before the contract starts will I have to pay them a penalty too?

Sep 25, 2013
Paying A Penalty For Cancelling Your Insurance
by: Angie from Auto Insurance Helper

Hi Gaye,

I would call the company asap and ask the question directly. Some of the insurers DO charge a fee, but I can't say for sure if Intact will (or the broker you are using). Best to get the answer straight from the horses mouth.

Oct 15, 2013
Sleazy business
by: Anonymous

I was with an home and car insurance company with which I was pleased for years. Then without warning or my permission I was sent an insurance policy from Intact by my insurance broker. I had never heard of Intact. First is it not unethical for a broker to switch insurance agencies without the consumers permission? I received several invoices from Intact even though I had signed with my old insurance company and had a new broker with whom I signed a release indicating that I no longer wished to deal with them. Although I now have both home and auto insurance with my old company, I am now receiving phone calls and registered letters from both the old broker and Intact requesting payment for auto insurance. I call this harassment. If they don't stop I will call up the media and expose this sleazy business practice. Obviously my former broker is getting more perks , likely under the table, from Intact, than from my old company.

May 30, 2014
Experienced Total Loss - *Claimant
by: GTA

Hello, May 2014

I would be interested in talking with anyone who has their INTACT Appraiser's Report!
My total loss was in November 2013.

All I can say is scrutinize all the math with an EXCEL Program!!!!!!!
Add the Asking Prices in one column, add the adjusted asking prices in another.
Do the averages!!!! Its easy. The sum is divided by the number of Comparables the Appraiser used.

Don't forget to verify your MSRP *Manufactures Suggested Retail Price, which probably will be missing 2% of your options. Make sure it is right!

Calculate every comparables MSRP! Use the Excel Program to make a Table. Do the averages!
Does the total adjustment fit your true MSRP?
Probably not.

Verify that the Appraiser did not include Comps being sold "As Is" or un-road worthy by a Dealer.
I got one, another claimant has one and both of us had... the same year and model vehicle.

I would love to get one more Appraisers Report before I go to the Police to demonstrate the Algorithm that chooses your Comparables.
It guarantees we loose.

Perhaps we have a Moderate here that we could exchange phone number and email address through?
I will check back to monitor for responses.

Jul 02, 2014
Won't back you
by: Darren

I got rear ended while stopped at a red light and after I got the police statement that clearly said that, they still didn't stand behind me and back me up.
I'm from Ireland, living in Canada, I could insure, my car,house motorcycle and myself for a year in Ireland for around the same as I pay monthly here. Speak up canada.

Sep 03, 2015
Intact Insurance....Unscrupulous Thieves NEW
by: Fighting Back

Intact chose not to renew my auto insurance policy.

My broker and I got together and signed a contract for agreed upon amount for 1 year coverage with Jevco....

2 weeks later I received insurance papers from Jevco at triple the amount I signed with my insurance broker....
I immediately called my bank and stopped payment to Jevco

I called Jevco to explain that this amount was not on the agreed upon contract i signed with my broker.
I told them this was a breach of contact and their attempt to collect triple of the amount quoted was illegal and fraudulent. They told me that I received an estimate not a quote on this contract I signed....I laughed and said this is a joke and that I will not pay...This is when I said I wish to cancel this contract and will not pay any cancellation fees on a fraudulent claim..

A Jevco rep, my broker and I cancelled this contract with an electronic cancellation form sent to my email, stating I would not have to pay any fees for cancelling. I signed this with digital signature... Problem solved right?

You would think So!
Later I discovered that Jevco is Owned by Intact...when I received a collection notice saying I owed Intact $600-$700.

Apparently Intact owns many insurance companies like Jevco..keeping their names unchanged...but are completely run and operated by Intact.

Insurance Companies do this to profit by misleading consumers and to avoid any liability or responsibility for the deceitful practices it conducts under other companies names....

I plan to fight and expose these criminals in
local and Provincial media if they choose to persist in trying to threaten me with collection agencies...

They have no Idea...what I and or we can do...
We Can cost them millions in bad publicity....
We Can not allow them to get away with this unethical and dishonorable conduct. We have the power to completely change or ruin this company..

Time to Stand up to these Bullies.
We are strong...
Use and Share your stories.

Pass this on...

Thank You.

Apr 20, 2017
Road assistance: if impact, no intact NEW
by: Bert

I have the road assistance insurance with Intact.
I hit a hole on the road and it broke my wheel and then I had a flat tire.
I phoned Intact to let them know and the girl asked me if there was an ''impact''? I told her that if hitting a whole is an impact, then I had an impact.
Guess what. If there is an impact, then no intact road assistance.
A flat tire has to be a flat with no impact. ''Natural''.
Looks nicer in their introduction letter.
Now, I try to find a way to let them know and I see nothing on their site.
Any way, they surely don't care

Aug 02, 2018
Intact is too expensive. NEW
by: Anonymous

We recently purchased a motorcycle. Intact, for full coverage wanted to charge us over 2700.00 a year. Needless to say, we went with the Co-Operators who charged us just over 600.00 a year for full coverage. Also, our monthly costs for Intact have increased by 30.00 a month which is unacceptable. Co-Operators can save us 300.00 a year on house and vehicles.

Jan 09, 2020
Intact Insurance NEW
by: Anonymous

Does Intact Insurance have any dealings in Australia? If so, will our insurance be affected by the number of fires in Australia? I.e. increased premiums, etc.

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