Insurance Claims Adjuster

Insurance Claims Adjuster

An insurance claims adjuster will be called in to evaluate the damage to your vehicle in the event of an accident.

It is the adjuster's job to determine the cost of the damages. In some countries this person is also referred to as a loss adjuster.

There are different types of insurance adjusters. Some are employed directly by the insurance company and are part of their staff, receiving a salary.


The second type is an independent adjuster.

Independent adjusters are not employees of a particular company but contract themselves out to a variety of companies for a fee.

Finally, there is the public claims adjuster who is hired by individuals like you the policyholder.

This is generally done when you feel that you are not getting a fair settlement offer on your insurance claim.

Responsibilities of the Insurance Adjuster

Insurance Claims Adjuster

A claims adjuster, also referred to as a "loss adjuster," has a certain amount of responsibility, regardless of who is employing him.

  • Handling a claim in a reasonable amount of time.

  • Filing all the paperwork necessary to settle the claim.

  • Keeping in contact with the policyholder so that they are aware of the status and progress of their claim.

  • Investigating liability by reviewing all related matters, like accident reports, medical reports, repair costs, and coverage limitations.

  • Assessing the damages sustained by the policyholder and confirming policy details.

  • Negotiating with mechanics or dealers regarding the cost of repairs or replacements so they will be able to provide fair compensation.

It is wise to remember that most claims adjusters are working on behalf of the insurance company and have their best interests at heart rather than your own.

If you are the least bit unsure of the fairness of the offered settlement, there are things you can do to dispute your proposed auto insurance claim settlement, so be sure to consider those before making a final agreement.

You may start just by getting a few of your own estimates and try to negotiate a satisfactory settlement with your insurance claims adjuster.

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