by Tom

ING/Intact Insurance Review

ING/Intact Insurance Review

ING/Intact will leave you suffering!

You pay for insurance in case you need it and then one day 14 years later when you do need it they give you a hard time.

As if having back problems as a result of a car accident isn't bad enough, they decide they don't want to pay for your medical treatment.

That's right, they won't pay for medical treatment or they promise to pay but then don't pay the clinic treating you and then they need to take legal action to get their money for helping you get better.

This is all true because this happened to me.

They get doctors who don't know you or your problems to write them reports stating that you don't need treatment though doctors who are treating you and know your problems are writing reports stating you do need treatment.

Do yourself the biggest favour of your life and dump ING/Intact before you need your insurance company to come through for you because, believe me, they won't!

They will let you down because all they want to do is steal your money, and leave you in pain! Then, on top of it all, they will raise your rates even though they say they won't, but they lie.


Hi Tom,

It sounds like you really got a dreadfully raw deal from ING Intact. All I can say is fight, fight, fight.

As unpleasant as it is, you may be forced to get a lawyer/solicitor to fight on your behalf.

I sincerely hope that you are able to finally get the reimbursement you deserve and then find yourself a much better insurance company!

All the best,
Angie from Auto Insurance Helper

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