ING Auto Insurance

ING Auto Insurance

If you're looking for ING Auto Insurance, it is still available in several countries, sometimes called by another name.

In many cases, the ING car insurance business portion of ING Group has been sold to various banks around the world as part of an agreement that they made with European Commission back in 2008.

Due to what everyone refers to as the "economic downturn" or "economic crisis," the ING Group had to apparently request a "bail out" from the Dutch government. 

They were given the financial assistance they needed, but they had to agree to divest themselves of the insurance portion and the investments portion of their business in many parts of the world.

Even some of their banking sectors were sold off.  For example, ING Direct in the US was sold to Capital One and is now called Capital One 360. 

Nevertheless, you can still buy ING auto insurance in some countries.  In Australia, the sector was purchased by the ANZ Bank and they have renamed the service OnePath and continue to offer car insurance to Australian drivers.

In Canada, ING used to be available through Kanetix, my favorite free auto insurance quote service, but now ING seems to only be available through local brokers and only in particular provinces.

If you happen to live in Belgium, you can still buy ING car insurance from ING itself.  They were not required to dump their European sectors as part of the financial agreement, so Europeans can still make use of the benefits and savings options available from ING Group.

ING was also a hugely popular financial service provider in Malaysia, offering their usual banking, investing, and insurance services.  Just recently, in December 2012, that, too, was sold off and is now owned and operated by the AIA Group.

It's like musical chairs, isn't it!?  :)  I guess only time will tell whether all of these new acquisitions will maintain the high standards and good will that ING has held over the last decade.  If you're a died-in-the-wool ING consumer, you may want to stick with them and see if you continue to be a happy customer.

If not, there are plenty of other reputable and reliable options for purchasing auto insurance in your region.  Would you like to tell us about your own ING car insurance experience?  We'd love to hear it.

Add your ING Direct auto insurance review using our simple online insurance review form.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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