Honda Motorcycle Insurance

Honda Motorcycle Insurance

If you need Honda motorcycle insurance coverage, you've got a number of options available to you.

Honda, the company, doesn't provide motorcycle insurance, but most of the top auto insurance companies will also offer motorcycle insurance rates to cover most types of bikes.

Whether you're the proud owner of a Honda cruising bike, adventure bike, sport bike or even an ATV, you can get the right kind of insurance so that your investment is protected as well as your person.

Motorcycle insurance rates are kind of funny because they are in some ways a contradiction.

A motorcycle accident can result in serious injury for the rider, which means big medical bills.

On the other hand, the cost of property damage is usually lower due to the smaller size of the vehicle and the amount of damage it can do.

All things taken into consideration, the risk as assessed by insurance providers is less (surprisingly enough), so most motorcycle insurance rates are considerably less per year than auto insurance rates.

As always, there are exceptions to this general rule of thumb.  If you happen to own a really high end customized bike with a considerable investment in your accessories, you'll need to get special Honda motorcycle insurance.

Most regular motorcycle insurance policies will include a small amount to cover accessories and custom parts, but I do mean small.  You may find that the amount is only $1000. 

Investigate further before making a final decision so that you don't end up with a huge financial loss in the event of an accident.   A friend of ours totaled his bike and only had the "typical" coverage.  He lost thousands because his motorcycle was highly customized and he didn't have the additional coverage in his policy that he needed. Be safe rather than sorry!

Don't worry!  You can still save money by taking advantage of other available discounts to your motorcycle insurance rates.  By taking a motorcycle driver safety course, keeping your driving record clean, and combining your motorcycle insurance with other insurance policies, you can bring your premiums down considerably.

The majority of motorbike riders are also automobile owners.  If you're already insured with a particular company for your car, check with them to see if they can provide Honda motorcycle insurance at a favorable rate. 

Some of the popular providers of motorcycle insurance that you may want to consider are...

Getting yourself a few online quotes is a great way to get started and get back on the road.

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