A Home Car Auto Insurance Quote
Save Time And Money

Home Car Auto Insurance Quote

A home car auto insurance quote can save you money.

When you combine your homeowners insurance with your auto insurance you are eligible for multiple policy discounts.

It is definitely to your advantage to combine them if you are planning to purchase both types of insurance anyway.

I like to save money any way I can. Personally, I don't have homeowners insurance at the moment. Instead, I look for other ways to take advantage of a multiple policy discount.

You can get the discount for insuring more than one vehicle, adding a motor home policy, or even a policy for a motorcycle or boat.

Now, don't get carried away. :-) You aren't going to go out and buy a boat just so you can save more money on your insurance are you? That actually sounds like something my husband would try to talk me into doing!

Seriously, though, not every company offers both auto insurance and home and contents insurance. You need to check when you apply for a quote to see if that is an option.

Some companies even combine other types of insurance like health, life, disability, and renters for even greater savings.

Most of these companies all handle home and auto as well as a few other types of insurance.

Because of the competition and the free quote services, it is relatively easy to do get a home car auto insurance quote these days. Here's what I suggest:

  1. Get quotes for the best deals on your home and car insurances separately. During that search, it doesn't matter if the company handles both or not.

  2. Get quotes from companies that offer both types of policies to see what the best price would be for you to buy them together.

  3. Do the math! It is sometimes possible to get a better deal separately, so don't assume. Usually, you will get the best deal purchasing home and auto insurance together.

I hope this helps you save a little on your insurance bill. Everyone knows that I hate insurance, but if you've got to have it, pay as little as possible. That's my standing rule.

We'd love to have you come back and give us a review on how you did!

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