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The Hartford Insurance AARP relationship has brought relief to drivers over age 50 for many years.

Just as the Hartford Insurance Company offers quality insurance products and services for people of all ages, they go the extra mile by pairing with AARP to offer older residents even greater savings.

The American Association for Retired Persons or AARP accommodates the demanding essential issues that greatly affect older Americans in a unique way.

Growing old gracefully is more than a cliche. AARP Auto Ins. is just one of those little things that help make this cliche a reality for many.

As a non-profit organization, AARP is known for its lobbying initiatives at state and national government levels on issues affecting older Americans.

AARP itself is not an insurer, and does not disburse insurance claims. The organization, however, is tied with insurance companies that use AARP in selling their insurance products.

AARP is paid a commission, just like an insurance agent. There are approximately seven million members who have availed of AARP-branded health insurance plans and programs.

An AARP auto insurance quote provides an opportunity for you to find out how much you can save on your insurance budget. Many people report an average savings of nearly $400. Get your free AARP auto insurance quote to see if you are eligible for these big savings.

The Hartford Company and the AARP work together to provide their customers the following benefits:

  • When you and the policyholders included in your account have kept clean driving records for the past 5 years, your premiums will not rise if you have encountered an accident for the first time.

  • When you are a member of the AARP, you are assured of a lifetime partnership. This entails proof that you are still fit to drive and able meet some requirements.

  • If you are a responsible driver who has maintained a record clean and free of violations or accidents, you can qualify for the $150 collision deductible. You will be eligible for another deduction of $50 for every year. A collision deductible refers to the amount an insured pays upon claiming insurance for collision damage. Wouldn't it be great to get yours down to $0?

  • If you unfortunately are injured from a car accident, it is expected that usual household work becomes less doable, especially when you are confined in the hospital for treatment. Your Hartford Insurance AARP will pay for services being availed by you such as cooking or gardening. Furthermore, expenses on transportation may also be handled by the insurance company.

  • Other insurance companies offer a lock-in period of 6 months. Hartford Company, however, offers full 12 months.

  • Accidents can happen anytime. As such, Hartford is open for assistance 24/7.

The AARP auto ins has proven to be beneficial to AARP members who want to be assured of reliable car insurance products at low-priced premiums.

It is undeniable that getting older often brings worries as to how to handle major concerns regarding your properties, and even more so when you unfortunately acquire serious road accident injuries. Being retired, the expenses needed to pay all your medical and non-medical expenses could be overwhelming and distressing for you.

With the Hartford Insurance AARP partnership, you can be assured that at your age, your valued properties are insured, and your future risks are properly managed.

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