Grange Insurance Company

by tod

Grange Insurance Company - Columbus, Ohio

Grange Insurance Company - Columbus, Ohio

Stay away from Grange Insurance Company!

I was with Grange Insurance for years with an excellent payment history. Last month I was two weeks late on a payment, and they dropped me from coverage.

Not only did they drop my car insurance cover, but they didn't have the decency to even call and tell me. I only found out weeks later when I got a refund check in the mail.

As a result, I was driving around uninsured for several weeks and I didn't even know it.


Hi Tod,

Thank goodness you didn't get in an accident while you were uninsured. That would have been a real tragedy financially, at the very least!

It's a shame that Grange Insurance Company treated you in such a way. Puzzling, too. You'd think in this current economic climate in particular that most companies would want to hang on to as many clients as they can.

I could understand their desire to drop you from their books if you were high risk (history of accidents or auto claims). In such situations, insurance companies are probably looking for an opportunity to lower their own risk by culling high risk clients.

I'm not endorsing that or saying it is "right" but rather that I wouldn't be surprised to hear that they were engaging in those practices.

I DO find it surprising that they are quick to drop a long-time customer who doesn't have a "checkered past" and has a history of timely payments. It doesn't make good business sense at all.

Well, I hope you'll be able to quickly find another auto insurance company that will give you the same or better coverage at an even lower premium rate. Wouldn't that be a rather sweet revenge? ;)

If you haven't already made your choice, pop on over to our car insurance quotes page and take advantage of the free online quote services to get an idea of what's available for you.

Fingers crossed for you that you get a good deal! Thanks for the review of your experience with Grange Insurance Company.

Safe driving!
Angie from

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