The Good Neighbor Sam Club

Good Neighbor Sam Club

The Good Neighbor Sam Club is the affectionate name for America's premiere roadside assistance program and RV club. 

Now all drivers can take advantage of the many benefits of being part of the Good Sam Club, not just those who are traveling in an RV or motor home.

I think the reason I like the term "good neighbor" associated with the Good Sam clubs is because that's one of the real blessings in life, having good neighbors who are willing to help you out in your time of need.

There's been more than one occasion when I've had to ring a close friend or neighbor to come and rescue me from a vehicle break-down. :)

As much as I've appreciated their willingness to come to my aid, I've always felt badly for having to inconvenience them. 

One of the great things about service industries like Good Sam is that they can be called upon 24 hours a day to ride to your rescue for roadside assistance if you happen to find yourself in a situation of need.

No worries about inconveniencing someone or pulling a friend away from work or their warm bed, just because you've had a little mishap - vehicle break down, flat battery, locked keys in the car, etc.

Of course, the Good Sam Roadside Assistance program is just one of the services available at discount rates to Good Sam club members.  You can also choose to buy your car insurance through Good Sam and save money on your annual premiums.  Not bad!

Good Neighbor Sam Club Benefits

The basic Good Sam Club membership (which is so cheap at less than $20 per year) has a ton of benefits. 

Yes, you have to pay extra for the roadside assistance and auto insurance if you choose to take advantage of those discounts, but there's quite a bit you get for "free" in your basic Good Sam RV club membership.

  • You get instant access to their online campground directory, which enables you to find and assess all the best campgrounds across the US and Canada as you plan your next excursion.

  • Speaking of planning, they also have an excellent trip planner tool along with checklists to be sure you've got all of your bases covered during preparation, travel, and even setting up at your destination.  Very handy!

  • What about finding all the best places to explore in the region of your destination?  You'll have access to a goldmine of information that will help you organize the best holiday for you and your family.

  • Did someone say discounts?  That's one of my favorite words!  With your Good Neighbor Sam Club membership come discounts galore.  You automatically get instant discounts at all of the Good Sam campgrounds, Camping World, various fuel stations, and quite a number of other service providers. 

  • Last, but not least, you're subscription to the "Highways" magazine is definitely included and will keep you up on the latest in the RV travel scene. 

There's probably something I'm forgetting, but I'm sure you get the idea.  Being part of the Good Neighbor Sam Club is a darn good idea.  Join today!

Safe travels!

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