Geico Refuses To Refund Me Remaining Balance

by M

Still Waiting For Geico Refund!

Still Waiting For Geico Refund!

I used to own a car insured with Geico, and I sold my car in Jan 2011. I called Geico to cancel my policy, and since they deducted the money in advance, they owed me a remaining balance.

I have never received the check of the remaining
balance up til now, March 2011. Geico claimed that they sent it twice to an address that is different from the my address on file (I do not really know why would they do so) so I asked them to send it again and confirmed the address to them.

However, 2 weeks later, I purchased another car, so I called Geico to insure the new car. This time they asked me if I was married.

Fact: I am engaged and planning the wedding next June 2011, so I gave them my future wife's name, and was shocked that they added her to my insurance policy.

A week later, I got the check from Geioc for the remaining balance in both my name and my future wife's name on it.

The bank refused to cash the check as it is not in my name alone. I tried to explain to Geico that my future wife has never been to the US, and she has no Social Security number, but they still insisted that they cannot send me a check in my name alone.

They want her to send them a paper from overseas authorizing them to give me my money back.

FACT 1: I paid this money from my own credit card account, and I was single then.

FACT 2: They tried to send the money to wrong addresses with my name alone on it.

FACT 3: Having a new policy with her name on it, they are making the new check in both names instead of my name alone, although they were sending it before in my name alone.

I asked Geico to refund the money to the card, and they also refused. They are using my money all these months, and refusing to give it back to me, and I do not understand why I should beg for my own money.

I did not ask for my future wife's name to be on the policy, and they keep telling me that they want to protect her rights.. excuse me... but that was my money, and I was single when I paid it, now they want proof??!!!!!

Why did not they ask for proof when they added her name too? Why is it always easy to take money, but hard to return it??? I believe that if they wanted proof that I am still not married, they should have asked for a proof that I was married the first time!

If they asked for that then they would have understood that I was not married.. they just want to keep this money with them the longest period they can, so they can make money off me.

I have been a very loyal customer with them, paying always in advance, and never got any ticket or been into any accident before!

I can't believe that Geico refuses to refund me remaining balance in this way!

Hi M,

What a sad story, but one I'm not too terribly surprised to hear. I think you are guessing right that Geico doesn't want to give you your money back for as long as possible - if at all!

It doesn't even sound like it would be a great sum of money, which makes it all the more ridiculous that you should be treated in such a shabby manner.

It's not customary to have to show proof that you are married when purchasing auto insurance from Geico or any other company.

However, you are very right in believing that since the refund is from your last policy which clearly was an individual policy, they are wrong in writing the check out in both your names. It should be in your name alone or returned to your credit card if there is any doubt.

I know it is expensive to hire an attorney, but another option I would pursue is to talk to your credit card company and ask them if they would put the amount in dispute against the insurance company.

It may be too late for that, but it is worth a shot. Let us know how it turns out for you.

Kindest regards,

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Oct 20, 2012
Credit?? NEW
by: Anonymous

how about asking geico to apply your refund as a credit to your new policy?

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