Geico Poor Review

by Not a Gieco Customer

"Poor" is a compliment in this Geico poor review!

I had to file a claim against one of Geico's drivers for hit and run. Their adjuster was rude and essentially called my classic car a POS.

I had to argue with him just to get his estimate and get the car fixed which still is not and that was 4 months ago.

I told them that I was going to sue their customer and bring them up on criminal charges for hit and run.

He and his boss just said that that was my choice. Sounds like Gieco "really cares" about their customers. My guess, if their customer has a worse record, they raise the rates and make more money for Gieco.

Glad I have someone else!
Not a Gieco Customer

Dear "Not a Geico Customer"

Another poor Geico review! I'm never surprised any more by a Geico poor review.

There's always going to be tendency to have more negative reviews about car insurance than positive ones because, frankly, who goes around thinking, "I think I'll go online and post a great review about my insurance company."

Insurance isn't really one of those fields that get people excited about sharing their experiences in a positive way like some other products that are really promoted via social media, etc.

However, we usually DO want to give a bad review when we've had a bad experience (hence the slight imbalance in the insurance industry).

Having said all that, it does seem that Geico has an inordinate amount of negative reviews as a company compared to most of the others we've reviewed here at Auto Insurance Helper.

I've come to the conclusion (rightly or wrongly) that Geico just doesn't care. They don't seem to care about consumer opinion and they don't seem to care about doing the right thing by the people their customers hit.

I'd love to have my opinion changed. Does anyone have a positive Geico review that they can share? Please feel free to do so if you genuinely can. ;)

If you've got a positive review to share, add your experience here!

Angie from

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