Geico Motorcycle Insurance

Geico Motorcycle Insurance

Geico Motorcycle Insurance is a division of Geico Insurance Company.

You should check out Geico motorcycle, especially if you are an avid motorcycle rider and are looking for good motorcycle insurance.  Geico Motorcycle has been around since 1978.

My husband is an avid motorbike rider. He loves everything about them!

I've even been known to climb on the back from time to time and take a nice afternoon drive.

We've been blessed not to have any serious accidents, but it is a somewhat dangerous pastime.

You can be a "great" driver, but that doesn't mean everyone else is as careful and looking out for you on the road!

Geico motorcycle offers a range of insurance coverage for both you and your motorcycle. Here are some of the options for coverage...

  • accessories
  • bodily injury liability
  • medical payments-no fault or personal injury protection
  • uninsured motorist
  • comprehensive physical damage
  • collision
  • property damage liability

There are also discounts and payment plans that might interest you. Just ask the Geico agent when you are getting your Geico motorcycle insurance quote.

Be aware that Delaware, Massachusetts, Michigan, and New Hampshire do not offer Geico Motorcycle insurance.

Geico Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle accessories coverage is included in comprehensive or collision coverage. The amount of coverage you can have changes state by state.

Bags, backrests, seats, chrome pieces, and CB radios are all considered accessories. However, helmets are covered under collision policies.

Additionally, let’s say you unfortunately hurt or kill someone while driving your motorcycle. In this case, bodily injury liability will provide both protection and legal costs if the injured party files a claim against you. This coverage compensates for harm to people, rather than your motorcycle.

Medical payments-no-fault or personal injury protection is a further plan you ought to have. It typically covers medical costs of the hurt driver and/or other travelers. Uninsured motorists insurance, on the other hand, will cover you if you are hurt by an uninsured motorist who causes an accident.

You also need to have comprehensive physical damage. This covers damages to your motorcycle caused by destruction, burglary, fire, flood or other hazards. What's more, collision coverage pays for destruction to your motorcycle if it crashes with another motor vehicle or anything else.

Likewise, it is also important to consider getting property damage liability. It covers damages to another person’s property caused by a catastrophe which is your responsibility and offers you legal protection.

Geico motorcycle offers reductions for veteran drivers, safety, and for changing your insurance to Geico. These discounts could also include 10% off for insuring more than one motorcycle through Geico, renewing your insurance through Geico, taking a Motorcycle Safety Foundation or Military Safety class, and 20% off if you teach a Motorcycle Safety Foundation course. You can additionally get 5% for having car insurance through Geico.

Geico motorcycle offers different premium payment options for its consumers. These plans include 4 installments, 6 installments, 9 installments, or monthly payments.

As with other Geico coverages, Geico motorcycle allows you to pay online with a direct check or debit/credit card, automatically through EFTs or debit/credit cards, over the phone, or by sending a personal check or money order through the mail. Plus, if you are going overseas, Geico can offer motorcycle coverage in more than 200 countries.

Therefore, if you are looking for high-quality motorcycle insurance, make sure you check out Geico Motorcycle Insurance and get a Geico motorcycle quote today.

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