Geico Is Wacko!

by Denny
(Macon, Ga.)

Longtime Customer of Geico

Longtime Customer of Geico

Geico is Wacko, in my opinion!

To make a long story short, I've been a Geico customer for 30 years (true). We have 4 cars covered by them. Yes, I am a car nut.

I've had no claims in 30 years other than one act of nature that required a windshield repair. No tickets.

Now this year we got involved in a paint scraper "accident" our car = no repair. The other car required $2K. No citations were issued.

Geico insurence now wants to double our insurance premiums. Speaking with anyone is fruitless.

I am 60 yrs old and I say to heck with them. I already have lower rates with someone else.

So long Geico!

Hey Denny,

I couldn't agree with you more! Geico is wacko for sure to lose a longstanding customer of 30 years, especially a customer with no history of claims. It's just plain foolish in this economy.

I'm all for consumer loyalty, but only when loyalty is earned and flows both ways. Geico stock goes down in my book when good customers aren't cared for as they should be.

I'm glad to hear you found someone else to cover you for even lower rates. I hope they treat you well for the next 30 years. :)

I think your story should be a lesson to every car owner. We all ought to expect to be treated fairly and honestly as a customer of any company, let alone if we are a long-time faithful customer.

If we aren't treated that way, we ought to take the only action available to us and find a different company to give our hard earned money.
Let it be a lesson to the auto insurance companies, too! ;)

Thanks for taking the time to add to our Geico reviews.

Safe Driving!
Angie from Auto Insurance Helper

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