Geico Insurence

by Sally

Geico Insurence is unbelievable. They've taken my money and left me uninsured! How can they do this???

I had a fender bender in April 2010, the trooper came to my window after I had given him my information and calling an ambulance for the child I was transporting as I was a social worker (no injuries everyone was fine, except for the young lady who struck me while talking on the phone, she was pissed, it's ok tho the officer told her to go sit on the curb and calm down, essentially told her passenger to tell her friend to shut up!).

The officer had a very down look as he told me I came up on his computer with no insurance, ?? I called Geico Insurence from the accident after all my other calls to supervisors, parents, etc., and Geico very cheerfully informed me since I had failed to return a mileage usage survey mailed to me earlier they had a valid reason to cancel my policy while still accepting my premium payments???? They never notified me.

The only accident of my adult life and I was not covered. The driver of the car that struck me was also Geico insured, she was talking on a cell phone and had her car replaced by Geico???

Geico filed a claim against me for six thousand dollars to cover her 99 blazer (blue book mint condition, about 3 thousand).

I had my license revoked and had to resign from my position as a social worker for at least one year. Calls to Geico finally got the claim against me dropped when they realized what they had done to my life, everything gone, income, life insurance, retirement which I cashed out to make house payments.

Geico then canceled my policy after restarting it. They informed me when I called that they were unable to insure someone with a revoked License. I replied you're the reason I lost everything, they very politely offered me a policy (IDIOTS). No job, no car no food, Geico Insurence sucks!


Dear Sally,

This is a horrific story! I'm so glad that you took the time to share it with us so that others can read and beware.

Geico may claim to be saving people money with discount rates, but they are costing them far more. I wouldn't ever use Geico. Their reputation is appalling.

So sorry that you had to go through this nightmare. I wish that you had a lawyer advocate to work on your behalf to get you justice.

Angie from Auto Insurance Helper

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Oct 25, 2010
Look at the facts
by: Greg M.

I work for GEICO and this is my personal opinion. There are at least two sides to every story, and I'd bet there's quite a bit more to this one. But no matter the circumstances, no insurer is going to cover a claim for which there is no policy in force. And while there are exceptions to every rule, the fact is that GEICO has a well-deserved reputation for excellent service -- among the best in the industry, in fact.

Oct 25, 2010
Geico's Reputation
by: Angie

Hi Greg,

Thanks for taking the time to add your own input as a Geico employee defending Geico's reputation.

You're right that there are two sides to every story, but the balance of power is firmly in the hands of the insurance companies. That generally means that regardless of the facts, the insurance company does what it wants to do, unless the insured or the victim of an insured is able to hire an attorney and fight them.

I used to like Geico and thought they had a decent reputation. Unfortunately, Geico's reputation has really suffered in my opinion over the last couple of years - at least in my eyes.

I've read enough comments on this site and others like it of really bad behavior on the part of Geico and I've also happened to have family members recently suffer from their lack of honesty and decency, to cause me to come to the conclusion that I would no longer shop with Geico for car insurance myself in future.

Of all the companies reviewed on this site, I'm pretty sure Geico get's the most negative feedback.

Since you work for Geico, perhaps it would be a good idea for you to encourage your superiors to handle their claims process more fairly and not rob people. That's the best way to restore Geico's reputation.

Public opinion won't change until company policy and practice changes. I love the Geico commercials, but that's not near enough to outweigh dreadful service.

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