Geico Insurance Commercials

Geico Insurance Commercials

Geico Insurance Commercials have been plentiful throughout the years.

I have to admit that I really do enjoy many of the Geico TV ads. Something about them just brings a smile to my face.

I'm one of those who love the Geico gecko. I know some people find him annoying, but I think he's adorable!

Then there's the caveman Geico commercial, well series, really. Most of those I enjoy, but some more than others.

Want to watch a few of Geico tv ads that feature the Geico geco now?  I've got several clips on this Geico gecko TV commercial page.  Pop over and check them out.

The Geico insurance commercials that center on its GEICO gecko mascot are my favorites. The Geico gecko is a Day Gecko that The Martin Agency invented, as well as a CGI critter produced by Framestore CFC.

The gecko made its first emergence in 1999 at some point when the Screen Actors Guild went on strike. The strike banned the use of live actors.

In the initial commercial, where the gecko begs people to stop referring to him as a fault, confusing gecko with GEICO, he was voiced by Kelsey Grammer.

In some Geico TV ads, the gecko speaks with an English (Cockney) accent, since it would be out of the blue, according to Martin Agency's Steve Bassett. Jake Wood, a British actor and comedian, is the present voice of the GEICO gecko.

In recent commercials the gecko's accent is more lower-class, maybe in an attempt to promote his human characteristics. A current sequence of commercials depict a nature program host, obviously based on David Attenborough, trying to view the Geico geco and get footage, but not being successful. "'E's giving me the 'eebie-jeebies," the lizard confesses.  :)

Maybe you remember some of these one shot Geico insurance commercials:

  • A man, whose insurance company refused to offer him a loaner car, left his house covered in magnets and "bummed a ride" by connecting himself to a car that was going by him.

  • A man's dog who wears a metal heat safety suit as he brings a rival insurance company's invoice since it is 'too hot to handle'.

  • Another man's dog rolls on his back laughing wildly as his master reads his statement.

  • A man in a restaurant informs a waitress that he didn't want mayo on his sandwich. So, she scrapes the mayo off the side of the table, to symbolize the competing businesses' inadequate service.

  • To display GEICO's 24-hour service, GEICO shows its employees wearing hats with cups of coffee affixed to them rather than beer, along with a comparison of a competing insurance's little coffee mug and GEICO's large coffee mug, which also depicts the usual hours of customer service.

  • A law enforcement unit hunts down an obvious earthquake, simply to discover the cause is a man blissfully hopping up and down because of the money GEICO saved him.

  • A man employs a squad of bloodhounds to locate his Acme Insurance representative after hours, merely to discover just a frightened caretaker in the building.

  • A man uses the code name Bob Wehaddababyitsaboy to evade having to pay long distance collect phone bills. This Geico Insurance commercial ran for only a few weeks with only the gag and the proposal for GEICO.

    A different scene of the man on the telephone exclaiming "Last name is Wehadababyitsaboyandweighs8pounds3ouncesandisdoingfine" was then used. The ad was altered to remove the additional joke and insert "Don't cheat the Phone Company, save money the legal way with GEICO" following the first joke.

Geico tv ads have also frequently utilized music. One commercial featuring a caveman is done to the song “Remind Me.” Another Geico commercial for motorcycles features Geico music based on the song “Hurt You.”

There have been numerous other Geico insurance commercials throughout the years, featuring celebrities, NASCAR racing, and cavemen. So next time you are watching television, keep your eyes open for these ads and let them tickle your funny bone. Life is so much nicer when you take the time to smile.

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