Geico Insurance Adjuster

by Frances Rios
(Snyder, Texas)

Working With A Geico Insurance Adjuster

Working With A Geico Insurance Adjuster

My daughter was in a accident on a Wednesday evening, and on Thursday I called to file the claim.

I was told by the Geico representative that the Geico insurance adjuster would be calling me on Friday, to give me a date when he would be in town.

Well I never got the call on Friday. I called the following Monday again to let them know that I did not receive a call.

Well the lady gave me the Geico insurance adjuster's name and phone number. So I then called the adjuster and left him a voice message, since he did not answer the phone. I thought I would have received a call by that afternoon or evening. No, no call!

So Tuesday morning I called him again, and he did not answer the call again. So I called to the Geico center, the lady stated that I was never informed that it could take from 24 to 48 business hours.

WOW! I've had insurances in the past and I never was told that I would have to wait that long for an adjuster to call me.

Thank God that was not the only car my family had. Well the lady did say that the Geico insurance adjuster should have at least called me back, since I had left a message.

So she called him for me, and let me talk to him. And he stated that he would be in our hometown tomorrow.

I personally was NOT happy with the service at all. And I don't even know what the come about of what they will be giving me for the damage on my daughter's car will be. That's even more scarier to think about.

We've had Geico for over a year and this is the first time that we have filed a claim. I'm seriously thinking of canceling with Geico and going with 21st Century as soon as this claim is finalized.


Hi Fran,

It's a shame when we can't even get common courtesy these days, isn't it? I do hope that this Geico insurance adjuster turns out to finish better than he has started for you.

Be sure to keep detailed notes of all of your dealings. Write down dates and times of calls, names of the people you speak to each time, what they said, etc.

Hopefully, you will get fair compensation for your claim, but if not, you will be better off having detailed accounts of your dealings with Geico in the event that you should have to find a car accident lawyer to help you with your claim.

And yes, you can certainly get some free car insurance quotes and switch over to a different insurer at any time, whether it's 21st Century Insurance or some other insurance provider.

Let us know how it all turns out.
Safe driving!
Angie from Auto Insurance Helper

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