Geico Indemnity Company

by Laura
(Las Cruces, NM)

Customer Review of Geico Indemnity Company

Customer Review of Geico Indemnity Company

I have been a customer of Geico Indemnity Company since 1999.

I have had to file, I believe, 2 Geico claims in that time. One for my husband, and one for myself.

The claim for my husband was for rear damage to the back of our Ford Explorer when he hit black ice on a dark road and hit a sign.

Geico was quick to help us. We had our car back within a week. Would have been sooner, but they (the dealer) fixed an issue which was for recall at the same time for us. Something that they did not have to do, since they weren't even a Ford dealer.

My Geico claim was more recent. This year I had backed into a low metal pole that I couldn't see. It popped my bumper on my Saturn minivan off on one side with some scratches. The adjuster came out on Monday. It happened on Sunday.

He recommended someone in the area because I am new to the area. And the guy fixed my car within 3 days. He even towed my car at no cost to me.

The adjuster kept in contact with me frequently, as well as he also called the company working on the car to keep tabs on it.

Geico rental insurance provided me with a rental from Sunday until the car was fixed. I was actually shocked at how involved the adjuster stayed with me. And I was pleased at the experience.

The agent Geico Insurance assigned us was wonderful the entire time. They did not try to get out of paying. I am sure my Geico insuranse rates will go up, but I won't know that till my renewal time.

Geico has never tried to drop my insurance at any time. I have been with the Geico Indemnity Company for nearly 9 years. I think I am staying until they prove to me they are not trustworthy. So far, they have always provided me with wonderful service.

I have recommended Geico Insuance to friends and family. I considered looking to see if anyone else had cheaper rates. But they always fell right in with the average. For a few dollars either way it was never worth it to me to leave them. And I figure, why leave a service I am actually happy with?

So, Is Geico Insurance good? I think so.


Hey Laura,

Thanks for adding to our Geico reviews. Personally, I adore the Geico Gecko commercials. They are my absolute favorite!

I'm glad to hear that you have had such a good experience with Geico.

As you say, if the Geico quotes compare favorably or comparatively with insurance quotes from other companies, you may as well stay with them and build up your history with them.

Since you've been with Geico for 9 years, there's a small chance they won't raise your rates over your accident. Fingers crossed!

Thanks again for reviewing the Geico Indemnity Company.

Safe Driving!
Angie from Auto Insurance Helper

Comments for Geico Indemnity Company

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Apr 20, 2010
Confirmation Number That You Get On The Internet
by: Anonymous

Is a confirmation number that you get on the internet all I need to have until I get my policy in the mail. IN CASE I GET PULLED OVER?

Apr 21, 2010
You Need A Policy Number
by: Angie

I'm not sure what type of confirmation number you may be referring to. I assume you paid for your new Geico insurance online. If you did, the confirmation number may be your policy number.

Double check your correspondence to see if you have a policy number. It would be great if you could print out the receipt for your policy along with the particulars and leave it in your glove box.

I'd say you need a policy number on you if you do get pulled over rather than just a confirmation number. The requirements may vary from state to state, but having the details (name of company, type of policy, policy number) written down and available may be sufficient for proof of insurance.

Jan 29, 2015
false address NEW
by: Anonymous

JUST WANT TO SAY. Ive received mail for a Tantania Williams, for car insurance through your company.. That person does not live at this address.. In Rochester, NY.. Mabe you should have better proof of Occupancy before Insurance is given out.. It will be throwed in the garbage with the rest of the trash..

Jan 29, 2015
False Address For Insurance Policy NEW
by: Angie from

It would be a good idea to contact Geico directly to let them know that you received that correspondence from them at your address. They are not likely to see your post here on our site.

For most junk mail I would agree with you about just tossing it in the garbage bin, but with something like insurance you'd probably be better off letting them know.

If someone is using your address, you don't want anything to come back on you. It "shouldn't" but I'd rather be safe than sorry. There are too many people doing dodgy dealings these days and you don't want to be caught up in any form of identity theft.

On the other hand, the Geico Indemnity Company may have made an error on their part and you could be doing Tantania Williams a favor by bringing it to their attention so that she actually does get her policy to the correct address.

You just never know. :)

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