Geico Hawaii

by Marlo

Waiting For Geico Hawaii Roadside Assistance

Waiting For Geico Hawaii Roadside Assistance

Why pay for roadside assistance when you can't even get anyone on the phone to help you in the first place?

No battery left in my cell phone from holding on the line for hours, yes, hours.

While you wait forever they have a little ditty about a Geico App for your smart phone. So I download the app while holding with 1 bar of battery left.

The app has a section to click on for roadside assistance. Click on that, and it says notifying a rep in 60 seconds. Then it says a rep will contact you. That was over an hour and a half ago, still nothing.

I have two cars, and a motorcycle insured. I think I will shop for insurance with another insurance company while I wait.


Hi Marlo,

That's really bad! The purpose of roadside assistance is to get you out of a jam when you need it. Not to make you further stranded by using up the battery on your phone. :)

I can't understand why Geico Hawaii would have you on hold for so long, particularly if you've called their roadside assistance number. Surely they have enough resources to deal with each call in a reasonable amount of time.

The number I found for emergency roadside assistance through Geico is 1-800-424-3426. If you haven't tried that number yet and you've still got some battery left, give it a try.

I can certainly understand why you are contemplating changing insurers after such an experience. I don't blame you at all.

The other option is to simply carry roadside assistance with some other company. However, if you've had this much trouble with contacting Geico today, it makes you wonder how good they'll be should you need them for an actual accident claim.

Just between you and me, I would definitely be shopping around after this! :)

Do let us know how your frustrating experience waiting on Geico Hawaii all turns out. Hope you get rescued before much longer.

Be safe!
Angie from Auto Insurance Helper

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