Geico Gecko Doing The Robot

Geico Gecko Doing The Robot

The Geico Gecko doing the Robot is one of the many Geico commercials that has made Geico popular.

In this particular commercial (video clip below), Jerry Lambert is telling people about an e-mail from a viewer.

Geico claims to have a 99% customer approval rating, so a Geico agent is answering mail in order to get the 1%.

The customer says it would be "the bomb," or terrific, if the Gecko lizard would dance the "The Robot." You then watch the Gecko doing an elegant and charming dance to the Omega Men's song "Sweet World.”


Geico's GEICO gecko mascot is a Day Gecko that The Martin Agency invented, as well as a CGI critter produced by Framestore CFC.

The gecko, the little Geico lizard, made its first emergence in 1999 at some point when the Screen Actors Guild went on strike.

Because the use of live actors was banned, advertisers had to come up with creative alternatives.

After the Gecko dances, the camera zooms out to the insurance man attempting to perform the same dance, but with very rigid and self-conscious movements.

If you haven't seen this one yet, or you'd just like to see it again to have a laugh, here's a video clip of this commercial:

Geico Gecko Doing The Robot

Perhaps what makes these Geico commercials so popular is the cuteness of the Geico lizard, the Geico gecko. In fact, many people have simply fallen in love with the little creature and even have tons of geckos for personal pets!

Because I live in the tropics, I have plenty of geckos around my house, but not as pets. :)

If you'd like to pick up your own personal little Geico gecko, go over and see what cute and clever items are at auction on ebay today...

...just type in "Geico Gecko" and you'll be amazed at what comes up in the results.  Fun and adorable memorabilia that will put a smile on your face could be yours for very little cost.  I always check ebay first.  ;)

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