Geico Dropped Us!

by Sam

Geico Dropped Us For Too Many Claims

Geico Dropped Us For Too Many Claims

Geico dropped us for 3 claims filed in 3 years!

We received a non renewal letter stating the decision was made on 3 claims being filed.

We have had Geico for 3 years!

The first claim was on myself. I am 42 years old and have never previously had an accident or a ticket. I have never filed any claims before this.

I drive a quad cab truck and backed from a parking space and bumped a small car that was illegally parked in the road. The other driver received a ticket and had the car towed away because at the time he could not be located. That was in April of 2010.

Then on October 2010 my son swerved to miss a deer and ran off the road and did a lot of damage to his car. We were legally required to file a report because the damages were over $500. We had liability coverage only so we didn't even cost them any money in claims.

Then on December 2010 my son backed into a car at the grocery store and did minimal damage to the car.

When I contacted Geico I was told the policy would be renewed for an additional $1200 every 6 months!

I said no thanks and contacted USAA.


Hi Sam,

Unfortunately, it's not unusual to have an insurance company drop you or significantly raise your insurance premiums after a succession of accidents.

So many of us assume that if an accident was not our fault or if no actual claim was made against the policy, our rates should remain unchanged. That does seem fair, doesn't it?

However, insurance companies are in the business to make money. They evaluate what they consider to be the "risk" of offering you insurance and when you've been involved in an accident (your fault or not), you are automatically categorized as a greater risk of having another.

I'm glad you took the step that you did and left Geico to look for another company. That's the only way to keep insurance costs down for all - everyone shopping around increases competition and lowers rates.

I regularly shop around myself! ;)

I hope your next three years go back to your old record with no accidents or claims for you and your family.

Safe driving!
Angie from Auto Insurance Helper

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