Geico Doesn't Care!

by Jourden

Been Carjacked? Geico Doesn't Care!

It was a few weeks before Christmas in Clearwater, Florida. An LPN, who shall remain anonymous, was taking a break outside of the nursing home where she worked at the time.

While she was sitting in her van she was startled by a tap on the window. She thought it was one of her co-workers at first but it wasn't. Three men in masks were standing there, one with a gun in his hand.

The men demanded she let them in the car or they would kill her then. Scared for her life she did as they said. They made her move to the back seat. While one of them held the gun, the driver continually threatened to kill her.

They drove her to the middle of the woods and demanded money. She told them she had money in the bank in an effort to get within reach of people who could possibly see her and help her.

They took her to the ATM and kept the gun pointed at her as they forced her to withdraw about $600, her entire savings. After they had her money they drove around some more finally dropping her off near the woods. One of the men said, "I'm keeping this. It's a nice ride."

She ran for her life and didn't stop running until she found a house to hide behind. She stayed there for awhile in case they might return and decide to kill her.

She did finally manage to find someone who would let her call the police and she managed to secure a ride home. Unfortunately, her problems would not end that night.

It took about a week for the police to find the van. It was returned in destroyed condition. The doors were broken and the wires had been ripped out.

She took the destroyed vehicle to Mike's Auto Body. She was relieved that she had insurance. She shouldn't have been.

Geico decided not to cover the costs of the repair because they "couldn't tell if the wires had been ripped out before or after the carjacking."

A van in perfect condition had been completely destroyed and they couldn't decided whether the wires had been completely torn out "before or after the carjacking."

Unable to afford the repairs, she was forced to let the now undrivable van be repossessed.

So, do not go to Mike's Auto Body on County Line in Florida and do not use Geico.

Hi Jourden,

Why am I not surprised that if you've been carjacked, Geico doesn't care??

I'm very sorry to hear this story, whether it is your personal story or that of someone you know. It's another black mark on Geico's reputation, but I do believe that you are right in saying that they simply don't care.

Unfortunately, when a company is as big as Geico, they can pretty much get away with whatever they like, or so it seems based on all the comments by visitors to Auto Insurance Helper.

I wish that this young woman would have sought the counsel of a Florida auto accident attorney before she had to let them repossess her van.

You can usually find an attorney who will look at your case for free and let you know if they think they can win it for you.

This is also a timely reminder to others to document everything - photos, statements, police reports, etc., in the event of an accident, vandalism, car jacking, etc., so that you have as much evidence as possible for your lawyer to work with on your behalf.

I'm very sorry this nurse had to go through this terrible experience, but we appreciate you taking the time to share it here. Hopefully it will benefit someone else who reads it in future.

Safe driving!

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