Geico Complaints
Are you an unhappy Geico customer?

Geico Complaints

I've read quite a few Geico complaints both here and on various other sites online.

I'm sorry to say that they do NOT paint a pretty picture by some of those who've made a Geico claim.

To be fair, there are also those auto insurance customers who use Geico and report a satisfactory result from their Geico claim.

As a car insurance consumer, I believe that each of us should expect to receive good value for money, efficient customer service, and prompt action if and when we need to file a claim.

Unfortunately, many large companies get the idea that they can treat customers in a shabby fashion and still maintain a good business name.

They used to be able to get away with it, too.  Someone in say, Ohio, would never know that an insurance company had treated a customer in Kansas in a really shabby fashion.

But now we have the internet!  People from all over the country can connect and discover the reputation of any particular insurance company by doing a bit of research.

It's really up to us as car insurance consumers to expect and demand quality service. If you don't receive it, you have a few options.

  • Attempt to resolve the issue with the Geico complaints department.
  • Make public your complaints about Geico so that other consumers will beware. This will effect the company's bottom line.
  • Take your business to a competing insurance company.
  • If worse comes to worse, file a Geico lawsuit to try to get your Geico claim handled that way, if necessary.

I've added this page to Auto Insurance Helper to give Geico customers a chance to tell their stories about their personal experiences with Geico auto insurance. Simply having a place to voice your complaints can give you some measure of satisfaction, particularly if you feel you are keeping others from the same fate.

Of course, you don't have to give a BAD review to leave a comment. If you are a satisfied customer and received great customer service when you filed a claim, share that too.

You won't find negative reviews on the Geico site, of course. They'd be silly to publish them. But those who are considering using Geico for their auto insurance coverage, need to be able to find testimonials from real people.

Share your Compliments or Complaints about Geico here!

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