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Did you know that Geico Commercial Insurance is available for small business vehicles or large corporate fleets?

What's so great about that? Glad you asked! :) Usually, personal auto insurance doesn't cover your vehicle when used for business. That can put you in a precarious position.

If you're one of the many Americans who are jumping on the opportunity to start their own home business in this shaky economy (good for you!), you might need to reconsider the type of coverage you have on your vehicle if it's used for business purposes.

Knowing that you can get commercial auto insurance on cars, trucks, vans, buses, and even heavy equipment, may be music to your ears.

If your vehicle is used for business purposes, not just driving back and forth to work, you should consider getting commercial insurance so you know you will be covered if you have an accident or suffer damage while engaged in business activities.

The type of insurance offered for Geico commercial auto coverage is very similar to personal car insurance coverage. Your limits may be higher to compensate for the type of work your business engages in regularly.

Don't assume anything, though. When you apply for a free insurance quote, be sure to ask for the particulars so you know you get what you need.

You will usually find that any vehicles covered under a commercial auto insurance policy need to be in the name of the company, not in an individual's name.

Another point to consider - if your company is large enough, you may want to check into group car insurance so that your employees can take advantage of discount group coverage.

Whether you like the Geico gecko or not, it's worth the time to get yourself a commercial insurance quote from Geico (it's free). Who knows? You may find Geico music to your ears and money in your pocket. If not, shop around.

You can get free quotes from a number of companies at once to save some time. That's what I always do when my insurance is up for renewal. I never like paying more than necessary for anything, business or personal!

Safe Driving!

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