Geico Claims

by Elizabeth
(Florida, USA)

Customer Review of Geico Claims

Customer Review of Geico Claims

This is my experience with Geico Claims...

About five years ago my auto was insured by Geico Insurance which had been recommended to me by a friend. During the three years I was with them as a customer I found their rates fair and their service adequate.

Then I was in an accident that changed my opinion of Geico and probably of insurance companies in general.

I was turning into a parking lot from the highway when a female bicyclist who was riding a borrowed man's bicycle that was much too high and big for her couldn't stop when she saw my car entering the parking lot as she was riding along the sidewalk.

Because she couldn't get the bicycle to stop, she hit the rear bumper of my car as I was almost all the way into the parking lot. Consequently, she fell off and the bicycle dented the rear end of the fender of my car.

I had a friend in the car with me who witnessed the whole thing. I was not ticketed by the police and the police report faulted no one. She refused medical attention when I offered to take her to a clinic or the hospital.

Later I found out that she went to work and was never off a day from her job as a waitress in a restaurant where I checked with the manager. However, Geico claims department would not speak to me regarding the fact that she was out to "get the insurance company" and that she was at fault.

They paid her but wouldn't tell me how much. I was so angry that they allowed her to get away with the scam that I left Geico Insurance and went to Hartford through AARP.

That's my story,


Thanks for taking the time to tell us about your experience with Geico Insurance Florida. Isn't it strange that they were so quick to pay out on that claim without any substantiating evidence?

I'll never understand insurance companies! I hope they are as quick to pay when their customers have claims.

I can certainly understand your outrage and sense of injustice. Life's like that, but it's never easy to take.

I hope you have good results with Hartford AARP. I've read some good things about them. I hope you find that to be true for you personally.

Safe Driving!

Angie from Auto Insurance Helper

Comments for Geico Claims

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Dec 12, 2009
traffic tiket
by: Anonymous

When you are in an accident and at fault does geico pay your traffic ticket

Dec 13, 2009
Insurance paying for traffic tickets
by: Angie

I've never heard of Geico or any other insurance paying for traffic tickets that you may receive as a result of being the person at fault in an accident. That's wishful thinking, I'm afraid.

Hope you weren't hurt in the accident!

Apr 07, 2010
Delay, delay, delay
by: Frustrated

Just returned from a meeting with an attorney over my claim against Geico. We were stopped at a light when we were rear-ended by a Geico insured women talking on a cell phone. My wife had an injured back and was taken by ambulance to a local hospital. The driver who hit us was cited by the state police for reckless driving. Geico has stalled for almost a year in settling our claim and is refusing to pay for doctor ordered therapy. We have finally retained an attorney to attempt to resolve the issue although this should not be required. Their claims adjuster has been rude and caustic. Despite their clever ads, I'd be wary of their services.

Apr 07, 2010
Geico Claims Won't Pay Up
by: Angie

Hi Frustrated,

I'm so sorry to hear of your accident and the poor treatment you have received at the hand of Geico. It really is appalling the way so many insurance companies try to get out of paying legitimate claims.

I often think that they force all of these delays to wear victims down so that they will just settle for less. If that is true, it's reprehensible.

Hopefully you'll win your case easily and Geico will be required to pay your lawyer fees too. Perhaps the judge will even throw in extra because of their nasty tactics - that's been known to happen.

I hope your wife is fully recovered from her back injury and that she has no long lasting problems.

May 13, 2010
Geico claims adjusters rake you over the coals!
by: Anonymous

My daughter had the right of way, their insured made a left-hand turn across the traffic right in front of my daughter. There was nothing my daughter could do besides hit the horn and brakes, which she did. The other lady received a citation for failure to yield. Geico is saying my daughter is 50% at fault. We will most likely end up going to court over this! You better hope you never have an accident if the other party is Geico!!!!

May 13, 2010
Fighting with Geico Claims Department
by: Angie

I had that exact same experience many years ago as a new bride. Someone pulled out to make a left turn right in front of me leaving me no options to avoid an accident.

Fortunately the lady insisted that she was at fault (which she was) and her insurance (Allstate), paid up immediately.

I'm sorry to hear that this has happened to your daughter. I hope that if it goes to court the judge will tack on extra compensation to you to teach Geico a lesson about handling claims honestly!

May 21, 2010
Geico and car Insurance is a Joke
by: Anonymous

My wife was hit by a driver who ran a red light. My wifes van flip two times. The van was totalled. Even though the other person was at fault because both of us are insured by Gieco they have no reason to treat us fairly, which they arent. They are only paying 12,400 on a vehicle that NADA, Kelley, and several dealers say is worth 13,400.

Insurance get to screw over the small guy again

May 25, 2010





Aug 09, 2010
waitng on my claim over 30 days now
by: Anonymous

some one stolen my vehical last month it's been over 30 days and geico still haven't made a decision on my claim, this causing n big inconveince for me. im not happy with geico's services.i will not reccommend their service's to any one. im now in a rental car, but i been told if they dont finish the invesdtagation by the time my rental car is returned then i will have to pay out of pocket money. why should i have to pay any money out of my pocket because their investagator cant find the person to support my claim. im the victim in all this and geico is treating me like im a crimanal,that's not right. soif anybody out there can hear me please switch over to another insurance company because this insurance company is not right.

Aug 19, 2010
Geico Fraud Insurance
by: Anonymous

Geico changed my coverage’s without my consent, I had 100,000/300,000 limits and liability and my uninsured and underinsured were also 100,000/300,000 all the same. They lowered my uninsured and underinsured down to 25,000/50,000 without letting me know either through email or mail. I kept paying the same amount of money without knowing the change they had made, an "Automated change" they called it. I found out about the change after a car accident that broke my back, and I ended up with a 3 level fusion. Two years after the accident I still have a year left of physical therapy. I am still fighting Geico insurance but they lie and use unethical tactics. I will continue the fight until my scars disappear, or they pay my limits before they changed them.

Aug 19, 2010
Failure to pay for Client's damages
by: Bob

The GEICO client pulled into a parking space in the Safeway parking lot. I then started pulling into the parking space next to the space that she pulled into. As I was pulling in next to her space she threw the driver’s door open which I hit. As far as I know everyone agrees with this account. I was accused by GEICO of not having a "proper Lookout". By Maryland Law, she was guilty but GEICO refuses to pay my damages

Sep 20, 2010

My wife was rear ended and injured severely to the point she can no longer work. 3 years later we are still trying to collect on our underinsured motorist coverage even after Progressive has paid and their client admitted 100% responsibility.Geico is trying to reduce and negotiate a lower payout even though the amount is only $60k to cover 3 years of lost wages and all future wages.They are eager to take your payments, but not willing to settle according to their policy.

Oct 06, 2010
by: joe


Oct 17, 2010
Geico is Crazy.
by: Anonymous

My wife just had an accident, rolled and totalled the car and broke her neck and is still in the hopital. We are insured with Geico. The vehicle was hauled to our rural home. I paid over $300 for the hauling. The Geico rep. told us we had 30 days of car rental coming, now 10 days into this they call me and tell me they are going to cut off the rental because I won't let them take the vehicle. My attorney advised me to keep the vehicle here as it is still mine until they settle the claim. Geico says they don't have an adjuster in our area and the vehicle has to be hauled to St Paul,MN. That is bull. So I asked, what if we had just a fender bender how would that be handled? The Geico lady said," the same way." The vehicle would have to be taken to the same location, 100 miles from here. We are not living in the most remote location. We are only a little more than an hour from the Twin Cities. I told the lady after she pXssed me off, to talk to my attorney. Don't tell me I have a 30 day rental and then say well we are cutting you off at 10 days. Don't tell me that a company as big as Geico doesn't have an adjuster any closer than that. Why can't they have someone drive out here? They say no. Well, I don't believe it. Maybe no one should buy their insurance if you are going to get the run around like this. Claims have to be settled better than this. What if it was a small repair? Would the car still have to go 100 miles to get seen by someone? BS. They say yes, well I say no way. I'm looking somewhere else for Insurance.

Dec 04, 2010
Geico is fine as long as you don't need them
by: Anonymous

Touched bumpers with another car. Of course, the body shop is charging $1000 to fix the car. My insurance premium with Geico went up an extra $240 a year for this. We had been long-standing customers with no claims, so as long as you don't need them they are just fine. Now our three autos, home, travel trailer, and motorcycle are all at State Farm. Guess Geico doesn't care about good customers.

Jan 03, 2011
I wonder if that cute geeko knows how horrible customer service is with GEICO?
by: Anonymous

My car was hit in a parking lot by a GEICO policy holder on Nov. 17, 2010. GEICO never called me to make any arrangements for the appraiser. I had to call them several times and was finally able to get an appt for Nov. 28th. They accepted fault for the accident and said I could take it to one of their convenient locations for repairs. I opted to take it to a body shop I had used before. Upon further examination it was discovered there was more damage that oculd not have been seen initially. After several faxes that GEICO denied ever receiving the autobody company sent an email requesting approval of the additional damages. They admitted to receiving the email. Three weeks of time elapsed from the first fax to the final email. Then it took the adjuster another week to come and approve the necessary repairs. I have been without my car for over a month.

I recently learned that the policy holder had her car appraised within 3 days of the accident.

I will never recommend GEICO to anyone.....

Jan 09, 2011
by: Anonymous

do geico gives their custom extra days to pay their auto payments

Jan 09, 2011
Geico Payment Extension
by: Angie


I seriously doubt that Geico will give you extra time to make your payments, but your best option is to call your agent directly and explain your circumstances.

You may get lucky and get a compassionate rep who will work with you or arrange a different payment schedule.

I've heard enough stories of people who thought they were covered and were NOT due to late payments, etc., to make me vary cautious of not paying on time.

I hope you can arrange something workable for you with Geico.

Mar 07, 2011
by: tls

I was rear ended by a geico customer ..her fault their saying that she states she didn't hit us I have 6 witnesses for crying out loud I just want my car fixed how hard is that

Apr 11, 2011
Cheap rates don't equal great service!
by: Anonymous

I was recently in an accident with a Geico policy holder. She was clearly at fault and Geico claimed complete responsibility for the accident. It took almost TWO weeks for them to get an adjuster out to look at my car and assess the damage. After that, it took them another week to get the car to their "preferred garage" to fix it. After three months, the car was finally repaired with nothing but generic parts. Since that time, the car has had incessant problems in every way imaginable. I was considering selling the car so I contacted them to talk about a diminished value payout. I had to leave three messages just to get someone to call me back. Once my call was returned, I was told to send over the information I had and that they would get back to me with an answer. A week later I called to see what the status was and I was told that I didn't send over the "proper" paperwork. I then specifically asked what I needed and the reply was "you need to prove your case". I replied by saying, that Geico had taken full responsibility for the accident and the guy told me that didn't matter. I then sent more paperwork over to substantiate my claim and after waiting another week, I called again. I was then told that the paperwork still wasn't sufficient. In frustration, I told the guy that I would have my lawyer call them and try and work it out. To which he responded "if you have a lawyer then I'm not allowed to talk to you anymore" and hung up the phone on me.

This company is the WORST!!! The one thing that their dopey little lizard doesn't tell you is if you ever need a claim paid... it's gonna be an absolute NIGHTMARE!

I would encourage anyone to go with ANY OTHER COMPANY instead.

Sometimes... the lowest rate isn't necessarily the best value. Sure you pay less when you are sending the check each month but when you need them the most... they do whatever they can to avoid paying your claim or they find ways to make sure they fix your car in the cheapest way possible. Again... my experience with GEICO has been horrible!

Jun 28, 2011
OMG Geico grrr
by: Anonymous

So I was in a wreak....minivan came right across me and had nowhere to T-boned car is "a totall" they say but repairable....unfortunally the repair costs outweight the value....mind you the other insurance company takes full responcibility...oh lets sit on our ass and tell me sorry we cant do anything about it...they wont pay when it loses everyone money...I HATE THEM!!!

Nov 05, 2011
No Issues with GEICO
by: Michlle Gardner

Maybe it is different when you are insured by GEICO. I have had nothing but excellent service since my accident. I was hit by an uninsured driver and withing 3 days I was told my vehicle was a total loss and by the end of the week Toyota was paid and I was issued a check. Every bill I have submitted has been paid in a very timely manner and they have kept me posted every step of the way about what would happen next. I am very satisfied with GEICO and am sorry that so many people seem to be having problems.

Sep 19, 2012
Disabled Veteran - Car Stolen/30 plus days no offer
by: Anonymous

My car was stolen over 39 days ago and Gieco is dragging the claim out in the most sadistic way since I'm disabled and my car is my "wheel chair".I'm about to loose my feet because of my injuries because I'm a diabetic.They have offered me a car after 30 days but I don't trust insurance companies because of a bad experiance I had with them in the past which is branded in my head like a bad desease.My car is worth in the nieghborhood of $30,000 and they would like nothing better than to not pay.This a very crule and unusaul way to treat a veteran who once offer life to protect people like them without discrimination.Gieco has done some good things for me in the past and I just hope I'm just jumping to bad conclusions but in the other hand to read all these other hardship cases dose'nt help me none.Today I'm signing myself into a VA hospital to help me with my problems both mental and physicle - the mental is the nightmare of this claim,the physical is my abused feet for not having a car.If anyone out there has a car they dont need please call me at 917 600 1976.

Feb 21, 2013
complaint on advertising NEW
by: Jean Schlenz

I find the ad on TV for Geico Insurance very unpleasant. It is the ad showing the basketball player punching items being tossed - it makes the basketball player appear mentally and vocally challenged and degraded!!!
I would appreciate your company removing that ad immediately.
I have been trying to contact Geico Insurance Co by phone but have been unable to do so.
Thank you for your time and consideration.
Jean Schlenz

Apr 18, 2013
Don't call them about a possible claim unless you intend to file NEW
by: Anonymous

I had three circumstances where my car was damaged by events outside my control and NOT due to an accident. Once a dog jumped on the car chasing a critter, one time a branch fell from a tree during a storm and one time I dented 3 of the four rims by hitting an unmarked road re-surfacing transition point (square edge).
Each time I called Geico to see if I was covered and how much my deductible was. I never filed because I didn't want my rates to go up and paid for the repairs myself. Just today, I decided to switch to Progressive after 13 years with Geico and when they ran my claims history it showed the above three INQUIRIES were listed by Geico as claims. Geico reported them to the underwriters as claims even though they did not process them. My rates didn't go up, but I am now trapped with Geico because any other company sees this info as accidents/claims. I'm stunned.

Apr 18, 2013
Don't give up... NEW
by: Angie from

That's pretty rotten, isn't it?! I wouldn't give up entirely, though. Just because Progressive is going to consider them as claims because of Geico's reporting doesn't mean everyone else will too.

It doesn't cost you anything (but time) to check around, and that's exactly what I'd do in your situation.

It's worth the effort to get out from under Geico's thumb. It would be worth it even if you had to pay slightly more for a year or so with another reputable company.

Imagine how you'd fare if you had to file a "real" claim with Geico!

Here are a list of my favorite places that offer free quotes, so go for it. Let us know if you end up finding a workable solution out of your situation.

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