Geico Cavemen

Geico Cavemen

The Geico Cavemen commercials were created by Geico in 2004 as a means of advertisement.  

These insurance commercials appeared on the television, in print ads, and I've even seen them as giant murals in the airport.

The commercial itself was created by Joe Lawson of The Martin Agency.

The basis of the Geico caveman commercials is that GEICO promotes the idea that using their website is "so easy, a caveman could do it"; and that this saying insults quite a few cavemen, who not only exist in contemporary culture but live as bright, suave bachelors.


The actors have done a pretty good job.  You might recognize some of the names of those playing the main characters.

Jeff Daniel Phillips and Ben Weber acted as the two original cavemen and constantly reprise their roles.

Actor John Lehr performs the caveman the most frequently, and Ben Wilson played the fourth caveman.

The Geico caveman has appeared in 18 different commercials. Here's the "plot" on a few of them…

  • One Geico cavemen commercial portrays the caveman on a moving walkway at an airport that sees a GEICO announcement that depicts an overly ridiculous depiction of a caveman, in addition to the insulting phrase. You can hear the Röyksopp song “Remind Me” in the background.

    In a follow up to the fourth commercial, the caveman is seen chatting on his cell phone, grumbling about the offensive billboard, declaring, "I'm looking right at it!"

  • Another commercial shows a caveman in psychotherapy with his therapist (which is played by Talia Shire). The caveman condemns GEICO's thoughts about cavemen.

  • In a different Geico cavemen commercial, three cavemen are at a party. On a balcony, two of them talk about one caveman's choice to buy GEICO's insurance due to its economical price. The other caveman doesn't completely fault him, but says that "a little loyalty would be nice" in their resistance to the business.

    During their conversation, a third caveman disrupts them from inside, crying out eagerly "Tina's here; we're getting back together!" The first caveman rapidly retorts back, "Hey! Give us a minute!"

  • Still, in another commercial, a caveman dances in a variety of ways in a quite preposterous approach, stating how tough it is to dance like that, saying such statements as "GEICO probably thinks this is easy, too!"

  • Focusing on GEICO's sports marketing efforts, a commercial depicts a caveman faces Billie King Jean in a tennis game. The caveman loses 0-6, 0-6, 0-5, and is actually unaware of his environment. He finds out the game is supported by GEICO.

    Thinking that he was set up and feeling mortified by GEICO, he gets up and declares "I get it! I quit, but I get it!" He then sees the chair he was just in also displays a bold GEICO symbol.

  • In another commercial, a caveman and his girlfriend go to the beach. As the lady begins to change into to her bikini an airplane flies by carrying a GEICO flag. The troubled caveman takes off his shades and declares "I'll be in the car".

  • A caveman is shown in one commercial on a Jumbotron at a basketball match as the "GEICO Ultimate Fan." He discards the congratulations of those nearby, despite the fact that he just got court-side seats. At the conclusion of the commercial, the stadium broadcaster plugs GEICO, with the "so easy" phrase.

  • Finally, the last GEICO commercial depicts a caveman walking along the beach with his girlfriend, searching for treasure with a metal detector. The machine beeps, thrilling the couple. The caveman digs into the sand using a net and finds a set of car keys with a GEICO key chain fastened to the keys. He tosses the keys and metal detector onto the sand and leaves in abhorrence.

If you haven't had the chance to view any of the Geico Cavemen commercials, here's a compilation of several of them for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

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