Geico Car Insurance Rates

by Chris G
(North Tonawanda, NY)

Comparing Geico Car Insurance Rates

Comparing Geico Car Insurance Rates

After getting free quotes I discovered that the Geico Car Insurance rates were better for me and my friends.

I had Progressive Insurance for several years. But then they raised the prices and they were fairly expensive to start with.

Eventually I switched to Geico Insurance, as they were so much cheaper.

A lot of people I know have switched to Geico Direct Insurance. Also, the people who I know who have Geico insurance, and submitted claims, were very happy with the immediate service.

Many of those people that have switched are like me and switched because the Geico car insurance rates are so much cheaper than the other insurance companies.

I'm happy with Geico, and I think they are worth checking out.
~ Chris G.

Hi Chris,

Thanks so much for telling us about your experience with both Progressive and Geico Direct Insurance.

It's always good to shop around and find out who has the best prices for you. There isn't one particular company who is the cheapest all the time and for every circumstance.

One auto insurance company may be cheaper for you and a different company cheaper for your friends.

I'm glad you were able to get good Geico Car Insurance rates that saved you money and provides you with good service.

We tend to get a lot of negative reviews about Geico, not so much about their rates because they do offer a very competitive option in that regard.

The complaints seem to be more in relation to the claims process. It's good to hear that your friends who have had to make claims had positive results. That's always reassuring news and I'm sure some others who are considering Geico will be very glad to hear it.

So, thanks again for adding your review.

Safe Driving!
Angie from Auto Insurance Helper

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