Geico Boat Insurance

Geico Boat Insurance

Geico Boat Insurance covers boats and personal watercraft.  No surprise there!

Whether you have a beautiful cabin cruiser, a sailboat, a little ski boat or any other type of boat Geico insurance is something you may want to consider for your financial protection.

Boat insurance protects you against accidents, vandalism, and insures you against liability.

When it comes to boat insurance Geico offers coverage for consumers who need their boat or personal watercraft covered in case of physical harm risks and liability.


You can also get optional coverage against harm triggered by an uninsured boater, for personal assets and for fishing gear.

Most boat policies cover physical injury to the hull, sails, machinery, furnishings, and most other gear that is generally used on board. 

The majority of hazards are covered such as vandalism, spitefulness, and harm which is an outcome of impact or plummeting.

Insurance needs vary depending on the kind of boat or watercraft you have. Your plan will give details about what is protected and what is not. Insurance Agencies are located in CA, MA, MI, NJ, NY, OK, SD, and UT.

If the absolute worse should occur, Geico boat insurance will cover you against liability fatalities. You are protected against harm to another boat or port, and for bodily harm or death to any person because of your neglectful actions or possession of the boat.

In most boat plans, the boat trailer is insured against physical destruction or damage from any outside origin.

Boat Geico Insurance offers reimbursement liability for harm to people you employ to work on your boat, excluding crew members. This embraces mechanics, carpenters, painters, and cleaners.

In order to be insured under this plan, they cannot be working under your boatyard, and the federal Longshoreman's and Harbor Workers' Compensation Act has to pertain to them.

Boat Insurance Geico can help you insure the following types of boats:

  • Bow Rider - Open bow style of boat containing seating. They are best used in lakes and waterways no further out than 16 - 28 feet.

  • Center Consoles - Single decked open hull boats with the operative console (rudder) in the middle of the boat. They work great as fishing boats. Most are motorized by outboard motors that are out 18 - 28 feet.

  • Cuddy Cabin - A boat that has a small cabin in the arch-18 - 28 feet.

  • Walk Around - Hybrid between the middle console and a cuddy craft. Usually used as fishing boats and they have a little cabin-18 - 28 feet.

  • Ski Boats - Smooth base, elevated torque boats made to safely pull water skiers. Power-driven by high-horsepower engines.

  • Pontoon - Moderately cheap, flat hulls that sit on pontoons. Usually called "party boats" -16 - 30 feet. Ought to be used just in still interior waters.

  • Jet Boats - Moved by a spurt of water expelled from the rear of the boat. Come in a range of sizes.

  • Personal Watercraft - A watercraft used for leisure that you sit or stand on. Frequently called WaveRunner, Jet Ski or Sea Doo which are really brand names.

    No matter which name you prefer - Jet ski, WaveRunner, or PWC, Geico Boat Insurance can help you out with a policy intended for several diverse kinds of personal watercraft.

  • Sailboats - A boat moved partly or totally by sails. Can be used for racing, sport or just cruising.

  • Bass Boats - A small, level base boat used chiefly for bass fishing in internal waters. They are often outfitted with pivotal chairs for effortless casting-14 - 22 feet.

  • And additional Fishing Boats also.

So, whatever kind of boat you are blessed to own, be sure to have it covered against financial loss. Accidents do happen, but you don't have to endure further suffering. Get a quote for Geico boat insurance and see if they can meet your insurance needs.

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