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by KC

Why Get A Free Allstate Quote?

Why Get A Free Allstate Quote?

I went online to get a free Allstate quote and was blown away that the amount of the quote was over 3 times as much as with the company I am with now.

Feels like I wasted my time, that they were just sucker fishing.

I probably will never even consider doing business with them in the future.


Hi KC,

It is funny sometimes at the different prices you can be quoted from the various companies. It doesn't seem like there is rhyme or reason to it at times.

Even though it may not seem like it, it IS worth your time to get a free quote from Allstate Auto Insurance or any of the other major insurance providers.

In your case, at least you know that you can get a better deal elsewhere.

Others in a different region or different circumstances may find they DO get a better deal from Allstate. I've used them myself in the past because they were the lowest option during that particular time and place.

I know it takes time to shop around, but even if it took you an hour to fill out the various free online quote forms (which, if you're organized, it shouldn't take that long), you'd still be doing well if you saved even $100 dollars.

I know I certainly don't make $100 per hour, so I'd call that a good use of my time. ;)

Some of the free car insurance quote services will check several different companies at once, so that saves you even more time and gives you a wider range of choices.

The way insurance is calculated - based on make, model, and year of vehicle, age, sex, and driving record of the drivers, location of residence, use of vehicle, etc. - each person's quote will be different.

It never hurts to check. I always shop around. :)

Safe Driving!
Angie from Auto Insurance Helper

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