Exploding Whale Insurance Claim

by Heather Murphy
(Pinal County, Arizona)

Funny Exploding Whale Insurance Claim Still Makes Me Laugh

Funny Exploding Whale Insurance Claim Still Makes Me Laugh

I work in government and one of the more outrageous government blunders from past decades is the case of the exploding whale.

It was ages ago but every time I think of it, I giggle. The risk manager and claims adjusters had to process claims that go like this:

"I'm calling to report a claim."
"For auto, home or personal articles?"
"One moment please."
"Auto claims. How may I help you?"
"My car was hit by a flying hunk of whale blubber."

"Uhhh. Excuse me. What did you say?"

You can't make this stuff up. Unfortunately, I don't know anyone involved. Here's a You Tube video to prove it:

Now, isn't that incredibly funny?! It always makes me laugh.


Hi Heather,

Yes, that is definitely a funny insurance claim situation just waiting to happen. The best laid plans....

Makes you wonder whose bright idea this was and how long it took them to live it down (if they ever did!). :)

I can definitely imagine the insurance claim scenario that this whole situation led to. I wonder if anyone had to fight with their auto insurance company in order to get their claim paid.

Is anyone around from those good old days that happened to be a victim? If you happen upon this page, tell us about your experience first hand. We'd love to hear it!

Thanks again, Heather, for this very unusual and funny insurance claim!

-Angie from Auto Insurance Helper

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Watch Out For Exploding Whales
by: Angie

Where I come from there are signs warning to watch out for falling rocks and deer crossing.

In Australia I've seen signs warning off kangaroos, koalas, and cassowaries.

But I never thought we'd need a sign warning us to watch out for exploding whales! :-)

That's a real classic. Thanks so much for taking the time to share such a funny insurance claim report with us.

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