Drunk Driving Stories

drunk driving stories

All drunk driving stories are heartbreaking!

Even drunk driving injuries that don't lead to death are still tragic and unnecessary.

Below is a sad story of drunk driving that serves as a good example of how alcohol mixed with anger, cost a young life and serious injury to an innocent party.

It's a real shame that with all the efforts the authorities put forth to provide information in the media, leaflets, advertising, etc., about road safety and the dangers of drunk driving, that people still don't take them seriously.

Nearly every week you hear stories of drunk driving accidents that end in tragedy and leave heartache in their wake.  

To help my readers see the personal side beyond the basic drunk driving facts, I  asked a few people I know to share some stories of drunk driving incidents that they may know of. 

One young man, Jibril Illah, sent me the following story.  It's a bit outdated now, but the principles to learn are still relevant.  

When you add the human toll to the drunk driving facts, drunk driving stories become a lot more real and impacting. 

A Sample Of Drunk Driving Stories

This past week was Road Safety Week. In spite of that, someone still lost his life and another innocent lady was seriously injured and is likely to be left with a lifetime of consequences.

We were seated in a certain club watching the derby between Manchester United verses Wigan Athletics last Saturday, November 20, 2010. The tempo was extremely high given how football fans normally cheer up their teams.

It was a tense game to Manchester United fans since most of those who were supporting Wigan Athletics were Arsenal fans. Arsenal had suffered a lose earlier so they wanted Manchester United to lose so as not to climb above them in the league standings.

It was at the 36th minutes that Manchester United got their first goal that their fans raised an uproar and elation filled the air.

Surprisingly, after the silence resumed, came other great wails from outside that left everyone leaving the hall to head down to the street to witness what was happening.

What a grave accident it was! It involved a motorcycle and a car. Surprising enough, the spot is a junction with traffic lights that directs vehicles. The car was badly crashed at the passenger's door, but the motorcycle was damaged beyond recognition.

According to eye witnesses, the motorcycle driver was going at a very high speed. The motorcyclist was as far as a distance of around 400 metres and the lights had already flashed yellow from his side.

Reaching close to 150 metres the red lights were on but due to poor judgment and decision making, the motorcyclist thought that he would make it before the vehicles from the other side reached his position.

Unfortunately, the car was already in the intersection, and after trying all he could to avoid the accident and failing, the motorcyclist hit his car from the side seriously maiming his wife, the passenger.

The motorcyclist himself was thrown over the vehicle and fell breaking his neck and other parts of the body. He died while still on the spot while the lady was rushed to the hospital.

According to news headlines the day after the accident, it was reported that the driver of the motorcycle was riding under heavy alcoholic influence.

Some of his friends who talked to the press said that they were with him a few minutes before death came his way. They admitted that they were drinking alcohol when the guy got a phone from his ex-wife. They had a long negative conversation after which he decided to go and square it out with her.

They added that they pleaded with him not to go and even recited a drunk driving story, but he totally refused to listen so they had no alternative but to let him take his decision.

It was the drunk driving news that was the headline of many newspapers the following day. His mental state has left an innocent soul suffering for what wasn't her fault. May God give her strength and help her in her recovery.

~Jibril Illah

Have A Drunk Driving Story To Tell?

Have you been affected by the result of drunk driving in some way? You may have been a driver or passenger. Maybe a family member, friend, or loved one was lost in drunk driving deaths.

Either way, tell your story as a memorial to a loved one, or a warning to other drivers. Let this tragedy make a difference...

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