Drunk Driving Statistics

drunk driving statistics

Drunk driving statistics offer facts about drunk driving, consequences of driving while intoxicated, as well as risks associated with DUI and the long-term effects on your life if you choose to take that risk.

Driving under the influence of alcohol has been rated as one of the major contributors to road carnage.

The facts presented in any information on drunk driving statistics are normally based on drunk driving reports from the police in each state.

Of course, these stats are important, but what a lot of people don't think of is how many people drive under the influence each day and don't get caught.  The risk factor is enormous. 

It's so important that we realize the consequences associated with the risks related to the manipulation of alcohol in your body.

Young people in particular do not often realize the impairment they experience as a result of having any amount of alcohol in their system.

One of the deceptions of alcohol is that you "feel" as if you are fine, but in reality YOU ARE NOT.

On the other hand, it seems that teenagers aren't the only ones fooled into thinking that they are the exception to the rule and that alcohol won't affect their ability to navigate the road in a high powered vehicle.

Worse still, if you make it home without incident while driving under the influence, it gives you a false confidence that you can continue to do it again and again - increasing the risk to you and others on the road.  How long will your luck hold out?

Drunk Driving Statistics To Learn From

These drunk driving statistics contain some important factors to take into consideration:

  • Yearly fatalities related to drunk driving account for a high percentage of all cases of death on our roads.

  • Quite a lot of aspects influence the threat of a collision; these include concentration of alcohol in the blood. This differs from person to person, depending on various factors. Your weight, the amount of food and water you have consumed, and the amount of time since your last drink all come into play.

  • Alcohol related crashes are those that include some degree of the alcohol in the blood of passengers, drivers, or even pedestrians.

  • If alcohol usage is suspected and then confirmed, that accident can be related or attributed to drunkenness.

  • Combining medication with alcohol is also another very risky cardiovascular scenario; Certain ingredients in even the most common medications will enhance the effect of alcohol on your body.

  • Alcohol tolerance is an unchecked and variable condition. Gender, age and volume of intake are very important factors to verify.

  • In a study conducted by the University of Michigan, it was noted that victims inebriated were prone to worse injuries than sober ones. People often think the opposite is true, but they are mistaken.

  • The suspension of driving licenses is supported legally by State Laws. If you are caught drunk driving by Police Officers, an automatic cancellation of your driving license should be an effectual move to restrain future driving when under the influence.

  • Coffee has largely been linked to sobering alcoholics but it has also been proven that resting and time frame are the only options. The only safe measure is to WAIT until the alcohol is completely out of your system.

  • Drunk driving is categorized in two forms of offences - Driving under the influence and driving with impairment.

  • With the easy availability of leisure and alcoholic intoxicants, certain percentage of people will be involved in an alcohol related smash in their lifetime. It's sadly inevitable.

  • Alcohol has great effects on eye movement, response time, the ability to multi-task, and dexterity. You may feel all right but drinking has a serious effect on your capability to drive.

  • Other factors that affect how alcohol reacts in your system differently at times of driving include, altitude, level of exhaustion, metabolism, temper, and food taken.

According to this drunk driving fact sheet and the driving drunk statistics and other information on drunk driving, it is clearly evident that this scenario is a serious menace to our society.

Not only do we put in danger our own lives, but also the lives of others. Many people destroy themselves when they have to live with the consequences and knowledge that they have killed someone else on the road because of their negligence and intoxication.

Driving under the authority of alcohol is not a devastation that can't be changed. Your own personal determination to never drive if you have consumed alcohol can make a difference.

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