Drunk Driving Penalties
Make A Stand Against Drunk Driving

drunk driving penalties

Harsh drunk driving penalties are vitally important in the effort to reduce the rate of drunk driving accidents, which is frighteningly high these days.

Left and right, people are getting into accidents involving drivers under the influence of alcohol. Even celebrities are not exempt from the dangers of drunk driving.

As the rate of drunk driving accidents continue to rise, the number of deaths related to it also continue to climb. Before the situation gets even worse than its current state, something has to be done about it.

And things are being done. But for drunk driving to effectively be prevented, efforts from all cornerstones of society are necessary to make drunk driving penalties really work.

Putting A Stop To Drunk Driving Accidents

The issue of drunk driving has been a huge problem for years and years. And the problem does not show signs of letting up. People are being fatally injured and even killed due to drunk driving.

Drunk driving puts not just the drunk drivers themselves at risk, but also their passengers, other motorists, and pedestrians.

Drunk driving accounts for a large percentage of traffic accidents and traffic accident deaths. Drink driving is also considered as the number one cause of car accidents, especially among young drivers. In fact, a huge percentage of accidents often involve victims under age 24.

Drunk driving penalties are more than just the legal ramifications.  The personal toll on families and individuals is even more vital.  Too often it is the innocent who pay the real penalty of a drunk driver.

Drunk Driving Penalties - What The Law Is Doing

drunk driving penalties

Drunk driving accidents are caused by a violation of the "no driving under the influence" law. Thus, it is a straightforward crime. This being so, it is first and foremost the government’s responsibility to put a stop to drunk driving by implementing strict laws and imposing harsh drunk driving penalties that they enforce when violated.

State laws handle drunk driving cases differently. Different states have different legal blood alcohol limits, with the majority opting for lower legal limits. In the US, the standard limit is usually .08 percent.

The law is also giving more attention to spotting repeat offenders, which are mostly hard drinkers who have abusive problems that need to be addressed. Swift identification of such drivers can help save a lot of lives.

The law is also exercising certain and strict punishments on offenders, regardless of their status, so as to show the public just how serious the problem is.

In addition to that, the laws regarding drunk driving also focus on finding effective treatment programs for drunk drivers so as to induce a change in the behavior of repeat offenders as a preventative measure against drunk driving accidents.

Organizations Fighting Against Drunk Driving

One of the most influential organizations that combats drunk driving is MADD or Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving has a three-way mission. They aim to stop drink driving, which is the most important objective of all. In addition to that mission, they also aim to provide much-needed support for the victims of this crime.

As parents, they also aim to prevent drunk driving by putting a stop to another burgeoning problem in the society, which is underage drinking.

MADD was incorporated back in 1980, and was originally called Mothers Against Drunk Drivers. But in 1984, the name was changed to communicate the fact that the organization was not against individuals, but against the crime itself.

By 1999, Mothers Against Drunk Driving was expanding in influence and effectiveness, and has saved a lot of lives through their relentless efforts.

MADD is one of the most active and the most effective organizations that constantly fight drunk driving. If you are a parent who wants to get involved, join the organization or help spread the word.

Doing something as simple as spreading MADD’s brochure will help. The MADD brochure is available from the MADD official website.

As for students, there is another organization called Students Against Drunk Driving. SADD came out with the Contract for Life, an agreement in which the student agrees to call for a ride home in case they find themselves unable to drive safely. This contract can be downloaded and distributed among young people you know.

What Can You Do To Help Stop Drink Driving Accidents?

You can make a difference and help save lives from the dangers of drunk driving auto accidents. There are many ways each person can contribute to the fight against drunk driving.

Whether you are part of a school, a company, or an organization, promote gatherings that are alcohol-free. Volunteer to organize social gatherings without alcohol and with fun activities instead.

Victims of drunk driving accidents as well as loved ones of the victims are often encouraged to share their stories about a particular drink driving accident.

These stories of drunk driving tend to have a deep and profound effect on society because they are real stories that make people realize that the problem is really happening and is affecting real lives. By making the situation clearer and more felt, people are more inclined to think more carefully about the issue.

Also, simply by helping spread other people's stories, you can continue to help increase public awareness about how grave drunk driving accidents are. A simple reminder here and there can save a life, so even a small effort to forward an e-mail will count.

We even a page on this site where you can contribute drunk driving stories of your own friends and loved ones as a tribute and to help warn others of the dangers.

Do: Contribute to the fight against drunk driving even in small ways. Spread the news about the dangers and consequences of drunk driving.
Don't: Don't contribute to the problem. Instead, set a good example. Never get behind the wheel if you've had any alcohol at all.

The Verdict On Drunk Driving Penalties

Drunk driving is no different from other crimes that cause death. Although it does not always cause death, drunk driving can and does kill.

In fact, in several states, drunk driving kills more than homicides and murders do. This problem is not something that can be ignored. It is important that each one recognize just how big the problem is and contribute to efforts to stop it.

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