Drivers Education Texas

Drivers Education Texas

With the new Drivers Education Texas laws, more students than ever before will be required to take drivers training before applying at the Texas drivers license office for their first license.

In fact, unless you are 25 years or older, if you're an unlicensed Texas driver you won't be permitted to get a drivers license without meeting some minimum Texas drivers ed requirements.

The requirements will differ depending on your age.

Teenagers aged 16-18 will still have to meet the previous qualifications for driver training in Texas by completing 32-50 hours of an approved Drivers Education Texas course PLUS another 20 hours of behind the wheel training.

This additional 20 hours doesn't need to be part of your paid driving course, but can be with your parent or other experienced licensed driver.

As for the new 2010 laws, they require that new drivers aged 18-25 will have to complete a special "adult" version of drivers education Texas.

If you are 25 or over, this course is not required but is definitely still recommended.  It's always good to have as much practice and training as possible when you are getting started with a skill as important as driving.

Why Take Drivers Education In Texas?

You may be perfectly confident in your ability to be a safe driver, but these courses can help you be more aware of defensive driving skills and some of the most common dangers that contribute to traffic accidents and fatalities.

No sane person wants to become a statistic!

The main curriculum focus on the Texas adult driver education is more toward alcohol and drug awareness. Of course it will also cover the usual topics:

  • Texas traffic laws
  • recognizing and understanding highway signs and traffic signals
  • night driving
  • avoiding common and dangerous distractions

Before you complete your course, you'll be given the opportunity to take the Texas Department of Public Safety Road Signs and Road Rules written examinations.

You really need to pass this test! And the good news is, if you pass while taking your drivers education course, you won't have to retake the test at the Texas drivers license office (DPS).

What's really great for busy people is the option to take your required drivers education classes in Texas online! It's inexpensive and can be completed on YOUR schedule, which is a huge plus.

These online courses are available for Texas Parent Taught Drivers Education, Teen Drivers Ed, and, of course, the new Adult Drivers Education course now required in Texas.

Safe Driving!

State-Approved Online Drivers Ed

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