Drivers Ed In A Box

Drivers Ed In A Box

What's Drivers Ed In A Box?

Basically it's a clever way to get your drivers ed training without having to go to endless boring classes.

You can take drivers ed in the comfort of your home. Some people like to call this "parent taught drivers ed" but it doesn't even necessarily have to have parents involved at all.

Of course, it's always nice if you can get mom and dad to pay! :-) 

Some states do require your parents to sign a parent taught drivers ed "affidavit" if you take your drivers ed online.  You'll find everything you need to know about that side of things at I Drive Safely.

There are several places online that offer drivers ed courses. You can purchase CD's, DVD's, or just take the actual course online.

What you'll really like about this option is that you don't have a set schedule to keep. You can take the drivers education classes any time of day or night, as quickly or as slowly as you please.

If you are having difficulty with a particular concept or set of rules, you can review them over again at your leisure until you get them right.

Here are some of my best recommendations for Drivers Ed In A Box type courses...

Each of these drivers education companies offer courses that are accepted in particular states. You can check to see which one is approved for your state of residence.

If you have difficulty locating a course that is approved for your state, call your local licensing branch and ask them if they would accept one of the above top rated drivers ed programs.

Hold A Drivers Ed Class For Your Entire Company, Group, Or Organization

Do you have group coverage for your employees at work? Consider hosting a Rules of The Road driving class for everyone as part of your workplace health and safety program.

There's a good chance you can reduce the insurance premiums significantly if you make this session a requirement for everyone on the policy.

It would be well worth the small investment you would make. You'd save money and perhaps even save some lives.

That's taking Drivers Ed to a smart new level!

Drive Safely!

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