Drivers Ed Classes

Drivers Ed Classes

Drivers Ed classes are required in most states for all new drivers under the age of 18.

It's not a bad idea for those over 18, too!  :)

There are definite benefits to taking a driver education class besides the obvious. Of course, you'll not only end up knowing more about driving, but also gain confidence in your personal driving skills.

But, did you know that taking a Drivers Ed class can also save you money?

Even if you aren't legally required to take the course, your insurance company will reward you with cheaper insurance rates if you can show that you have completed Drivers Education or taken a Drivers Safety course.

Some drivers education schools can cost quite a bit, especially if you are going to a private driving school rather than one affiliated with your local high school.

It has come as a pleasant surprise to parents and teenagers alike that online drivers ed classes are now available and accepted in many states. The cost is quite reasonable and the classes can be taken according to your own time schedule and at your own pace.

If you haven't taken your drivers education classes yet, here are some of the most popular sources for online classes for drivers ed...

Once you've completed your driving course, you can take a practice test to see how well you'll do on your real test. That way you'll have a better idea of your weak areas and where you should focus your study before you take your exam.

Here's another tip:

When you do get your drivers license and are in the need for some auto insurance quotes, be sure to indicate that you have taken a drivers ed course and any other important bits of information that can help save you money.

For instance, if you've been getting good grades in school, be sure and mention that! If your car has safety features, list them all. Combine insurance with your parents for even greater discounts and savings.

The reality is that insurance can be pretty expensive, especially for brand new drivers. Use every little benefit to your advantage in reducing your premium rates and getting the best deal. Take the time to shop around using these free online quotes services to get an idea of how much you are going to be paying.

You'll find that by comparison shopping you can pick out the company that offers the best rates for your area of residence and your personal circumstances. Take that quote to your parents' insurer and see if they'll match or beat it. That usually works like a charm.

Enough of that! Just want to wish you the best on your drivers ed classes.  We'd love to have you tell us all about your experience - where you took the course (online or offline), what you liked best about it, what you hated about it, etc. Take a few minutes and share your drivers ed experience.

Stay safe on the roads!

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