Drivers Ed Car
For Taking Your Driver Training

Drivers Ed Car

Putting your driving skills to the test in a drivers ed car will probably pose a challenge if it's your first time behind the wheel.

For novice drivers especially, test drives can be both exciting and daunting, so it's a good idea to get as much practice as possible before the big day of your official driving test.

I always suggest that new drivers practice driving in a car that is similar in size and style to the car they will be tested in if at all possible.  This will help a bit with the nerves and make you that little bit more comfortable when you're under pressure.

You might be lucky enough to get some free driver education from a parent, friend, or other relative.

I say "lucky" but in some cases it's probably bad luck!  :)  Certain people should absolutely NOT try to teach their kids how to drive.  They just don't have the patience or temperament for it.

Formal driver education is required in most states before you can get your permanent license.  Beyond that, you have various options.

Most people will take their drivers education classes locally at their high school or a local private driving school.  The drivers ed car they use may be the vehicle belonging to the drivers education instructor in that case.

The younger generation now has the option of taking online drivers ed, which is a big bonus to them because they can work around their own schedule and at their own pace.  I personally would have loved that option "back in the day."

Even when taking drivers education online, you'll still probably have to make some type of arrangement for actual driving hours, so your drivers ed car may belong to someone you know or a private teacher. 

Regardless, if your state allows you to take your driving test in the car of your own choosing, take the time to get some practice in the vehicle you plan to be tested in.

Here's another little secret that you may find helpful.  Did you know that you can take some drivers education practice tests before you go in to take your official drivers ed test? 

By taking the drivers education practice test, you can get a feel for what you can expect and also personally assess your knowledge so you know what you need to brush up on a bit more.

We'd love to hear your drivers ed story, so come back and tell us all about it.  Best of luck!

Have A Drivers Education Story Or Helpful Tips?

If you've taken drivers education, online or offline, I'm sure you've got a story to tell. Where did you take your drivers training? Was it boring? Fun? Scary? Gross? Helpful?

We'd like to hear about your Drivers Ed experience - good or bad. Tell us all about it here...

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