Desjardins is Le Garbage!

by Canadian Driver
(Calgary, AB, Canada)

Customer Review of Desjardins

Customer Review of Desjardins

Desjardins is Le Garbage!

My husband and I were rear-ended on Remembrance Day on our way to the ceremony. It was a minor collision, no injuries...just some damage to our bumper.

It's now almost 12 weeks later and I'm STILL dealing with this reject of an insurance company to close the claim.

I waited 3 weeks before having the vehicle fixed and was surprised when I picked it up that I had to pay my $500 deductible when the accident wasn't our fault!

My insurance adjuster told me, when I reported the accident, that there was a possibility that I may have to pay it if the other company hadn't assumed fault but that the deductible would be returned to me once they closed the file. I thought 3 weeks would be sufficient time to process a clear cut, black and white, file where it was the other guy's fault. Apparently not!

It was never suggested to me to call first and make sure, he just said to wait a few weeks... which I did.

So I paid the deductible on my credit card and here we are... 9 weeks later and I only just received the refund cheque.

The only movement that was ever made on my claim happened after I would call to ask what was delaying it. I never got to talk to anyone. It always goes to voice mail. I would email after calling and it's probably better that I did because I now have all communication in writing.

The cheque does not include the interest I advised I was accruing on my credit card and after my last go round with them I also pressed an injury claim for stress damages this entire thing has caused my family (that part is really just on principle. I'd have let it go if they hadn't been lazy and took so long to process this).

So now after talking to his "manager" he said they don't reimburse for interest (even though it's 100% not my fault) and won't review any injury claims. What crap!

Soooooo now I'm off to the Ombudsman and definitely will be switching companies when my plan expires in March!

First accident in my 14 year driving history and this is the experience. It has not been a good one for something that should have been a very simple open/close file.

~A Canadian Driver

Hi Canadian Driver,

What a mess! Sorry to hear you've had such a hassle with Desjardins. In fairness, it may have been the other company that was delaying things and Desjardins just didn't stay after them hard enough.

In a similar situation, another insurance company that I've worked with had the courtesy to pay the deductible up front to their client and then chase it down from the "at fault" driver's company.

Well, since you are going to do some insurance shopping soon, let me suggest that you try Kanetix Insurance for free quotes on several companies at once. It will save you time and effort on finding the best deal.

Thanks for your Desjardins review.
Safe driving!
Angie from Auto Insurance Helper

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