Delta School of Driving

by C.A.L.
(Stockton, CA)

Delta School Of Driving Student Review

Delta School Of Driving Student Review

When I was 16 years old my parents signed me up for the Delta School of Driving here in Stockton, CA. It was done in a classroom setting in an office building. The course lasted over the course of 4 weeks, with a 4 hour class every Saturday.

I really enjoyed the class. The teacher was amazing as he personalized the lesson to our class and made us feel extremely welcome. It was cool that he was able to learn our names in such a short period of time.

I was really dreading the movies that I had always heard about while growing up. The ones I had always heard you see in driver’s education type classes were gore filled and scary! The instructor introduced them in a way that was easier for us to watch.

I honestly feel that the class was a big benefit to my driving. I learned a lot of important rules for driving that I do not believe I would remember otherwise.

The Delta School of Driving class was very thorough and covered everything from the rule book to actual driving. The thing that has always stuck in my head the most, as funny as it may sound, is that pedestrians have the right of way.

The course significantly lowered my insurance rate, which at the time was paid by my parents. My parents were the ones that wanted me to take the course as they were told it was a very good one and that it would indeed lower the insurance.

The best part about the course overall was that I did not feel like I absolutely had to take it. I felt like I was choosing to learn the information which made me focus on it a lot more.

I would definitely recommend taking this course from the Delta School of Driving to anyone who intends on driving a vehicle and getting their license.

I feel that taking such a course better prepares you for the challenges of the written exam, the behind the wheel test, as well as the hurdles you will face in your life as a driver.

It can absolutely never hurt to be fully informed on a subject like driving. My brother whom is now 15 will be turning 16 very soon and I am strongly encouraging him to take the course.

We are currently looking into enrolling him in the same course I was in. I have never heard anything bad from any of the people I have ran into who have taken it. As they say, you can never be too prepared.


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