Cow vs Car Funny Insurance Claim

by Dannielle Jone
(Spokane, Washington)

This was a really funny insurance claim starring a cow vs. a car!

A woman was driving down a country road and, according to her, a cow FELL on top of her car. Strangely enough there were no cliffs anywhere for it to fall from.

When she called her insurance company she happened to get Max who was known for his odd sense of humor.

When she relayed her story to him, Max told her, with a straight face, that bovine suicide was not covered on her policy but if she could prove that the cow ACCIDENTALLY fell on her car her claim would be considered.


Hi Dannielle,

That's hysterical! I love it when people have a genuine sense of humor that isn't dependent upon crude or suggestive innuendos.

Max sounds like a someone who would be really fun to have as a friend.

Of course, now I'm wondering about the cow and how it got there! Perhaps the woman's explanation was her way of trying to avoid admitting she hit the cow. :-)

Thanks for sharing that one, Dannielle.

Safe Driving!
Angie from Auto Insurance Helper

P.S. Does anyone else have any interesting or humorous car accident claims to add to our growing list? We'd love to hear them!

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