Complaints About Geico

by Jimbo
(Denver, CO)

Customer Complaints About Geico?

Customer Complaints About Geico?

I don't really have any complaints about Geico yet. I've been with Geico Insuance for just over a year. I haven't filed a claim with them, but am a bit worried about if I ever have to.

They seem to be very good at collecting my money, but when I call Geico customer service with questions, they don't answer very quickly.

They have dropped my rates a couple of times since I have been with them, so I can't complain about that.

I moved over from AAA Auto Insurance, which was almost twice as much. I decided it was worth the risk to make the switch.



Thanks for the review of Geico Insurance. I'm glad you don't have any major complaints about Geico yet, and hope you won't in future.

It's a shame about Geico customer service. It almost seems like that's the way it is with all big companies these days. You're lucky to ever get to talk to a real person, and then one that is actually in your country. :-)

I had heard that Triple AAA was pretty good (some people have even left good reviews for AAA Auto Club), but I also heard that their rates were pretty high. You seem to confirm that.

Well, let's hope you never have to make a claim and put the little Geico geco to the test.

Safe Driving!
Angie from Auto Insurance Helper

Comments for Complaints About Geico

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Jul 29, 2009
.....BUSINESS SUIT !!!!!?
by: Anonymous


Oct 05, 2010
Get rid of the idiot ad man and gecco w/ old man
by: Homer Jones

I am so sick of hearing, "could switching to geeko really save you money on your blah, blah, blah.....

The guy is retar, well, just to say that he is annoying beyond description. The cave men commercials were great! Do more of those. And as far as the gekko, step on it, too! Step on it, and then twist the toe end of your shoe back and forth. Please get some new commercial representatives. Cave man and something else !! Anything else !!

Mar 28, 2012
GEICO and their policies!!! NEW
by: Caterine

So my friend left the country and added me to his policy with Geico while I stayed and house sitted for him and drove his car for the weekend and he wanted to be sure that nothing would happen and then when he came back he needed to take me out of the policy because I don't live with him!! I'm going back to my city now and Geico won't let him do it!!!! They said he has to keep me in his policy ....are you kidding me??????? Why would you have to be forced to have someone in your policy?????? What if we fought and never spoke again?? It's ridiculous! I can't believe it!!!! You should be able to add and take away anyone you want from your policy!!!

Mar 28, 2012
Geico Policies NEW
by: Angie

Hi Caterine,

Your friend needs to call a different Geico representative and talk to them about his situation. You're correct in assuming that he should be able to remove anyone from his policy that he wants to as long as they are not living with him or are his children.

He really didn't need to add you to the policy in the first place. If you were only visiting for the weekend while he was away and had permission to drive his car, you should have been covered regardless. That's the way most insurance works, unless he has some special non-standard restrictions.

If his own Geico insurance agent won't sort things out for him, he should try to speak to someone else in the company who has more authority.

Dec 18, 2014
Lies & Fraud committed by Geico NEW
by: Anonymous

Mr. Timothy Dayton (General Manager Of Geico Hawaii & Willaim Tsui (Apraiser For Geico Hawaii) committed a serious offense. It was very, very, minor the only thing was a mirror rub on the right side of the vehicle (Black because outside left view mirror is black) and left black marks on the chrome of the step bar also on the right side of Chevrolet Silverado. My car was a small focus that came close to the truck. Geico lied about the time of the incident and said it happened at 0400hrs. The truth of the matter it actually happened at 1340hrs. & the police was called at 1345hrs. no one was hurt I even have the ticket to prove it. The courts dismised the case. For something that was only at the most 300 dollars they came up with $4250 they are liars even their lawyer said just pay $800 dollars & I said no way William Tsui Lied.

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