Commercial Auto Insurance
Business Cover That Is Right For You

Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial auto insurance coverage offers solutions for businesses both large and small.

Regardless of the type of vehicles your company utilizes, you will find a commercial car insurance that is right for your business venture.

It may be that you only want and need basic insurance coverage like you would get for a non-business vehicle, but that doesn't mean that you can just get regular personal insurance and leave it at that.

You can use your personal insurance coverage as a starting point in determining your needs, but unfortunately there is more to it than that. 

It is important to consult your prospective insurance agent or broker on the specific technical differences between a personal auto insurance policy and commercial car insurance.

With commercial auto coverage you will need the same types of auto insurance coverage as you have on your personal auto policy.

Vehicles Covered By Commercial Car Insurance

Commercial Auto Insurance

It doesn't really matter if your business is landscaping with a variety of pick-up trucks, a transport company with a fleet of semis, or an insurance company :-) with a lot full of high-end sedans.

You can generally get commercial auto coverage for any type of business, even if it is a new venture.

The insurance agency will determine your coverage needs based on the kind of driving you do, the number of employees using the vehicles, or using their own vehicles for business purposes.

Commercial Auto Coverage On Personal Vehicles

Commercial Auto Insurance

Using your personal vehicle for business purposes is great, especially for small business owners. It is often beneficial for tax purposes, etc. Definitely look into the possibilities.

But do know this, insurance companies can be a bit sneaky. (Sorry, guys, but you know it's true). Just because you have an umbrella liability policy with your personal auto insurance, does not mean you will be covered if you are using your car for business related purposes. They can deny your claim in the event of an accident. Be sure you are covered.

If the car is "owned" by the business, be sure that the business name is included in the policy as the "principal insured." If you just insure the vehicle in your own name, you may well have a hassle on your hands if you have to make a claim. (I told you they are tricky). :-)

As with all types of auto insurance policies, check around for the best prices. You can get comparison online auto insurance quotes to save yourself a bit of time.

Before making your final decision, it is probably best to speak directly to the agent or insurer to be sure that you are clear on the specifics of your potential commercial auto insurance policy.

By the way, if you're just thinking of starting a business, here are a few steps to consider to start up a cleaning occupation of your own. In this day and age, it's not a bad idea.

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