Classic Car Insurance Canada

Classic Car Insurance Canada

Consider investing in classic car insurance Canada to protect your antique or classic automobile in cases of damage or theft.

If you are fortunate enough to own a beautiful (or not so beautiful - yet!) classic automobile, you want to be sure that it is fully covered.

Insurance is a little bit different when it comes to the area of classic or antique cars.

Regular auto insurance is primarily covering the actual value of a vehicle considering, age, mileage, depreciation, etc.

When it comes to an antique or classic car, the same rules don't apply. You want your investment covered by an "agreed value," based on the collector's value of the motor car.

That is why you need to deal with a Canada classic car insurance company.

They will understand what it is you are looking for and be able to provide you with the solution.

Classic Car Insurance Canada Tips

Classic Car Insurance Canada

When discussing with a broker or agent the possibility of insuring your vehicle with them, ask about these particular options:

  • Agreed Value - as opposed to actual value.

  • Comprehensive Only - if your vehicle is in the restoration process and not out on the road.

  • Spare Parts Coverage

  • Unlimited Mileage - for those who do want to take it out and show it off.

  • Automatic Coverage - for those impulsive buyers, this will give you automatic coverage for a set number of days until you can inform your insurance company of your new acquisition.

Those are some of the basic options you should consider. If you have other concerns on your mind, be sure to hash everything out first before settling on a final policy.

If you are having a difficult time finding a broker for your classic auto insurance in Canada, here are a couple you can try to help you get started:

Lant & Co. Insurance - they are located in Toronto and service the Ontario region.

Gary Steeves Insurance - they are located in Hillsborough, New Brunswick, and they service New Brunswick, Newfoundland, and Nova Scotia.

Compare car insurance quotes.

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