Classic Auto Insurance

Classic Auto Insurance

Classic Auto Insurance can be purchased for your baby - the one you pamper and protect out of sheer love, adoration, and respect.

Yes, I'm talking about your car, not your wife! :)

Although there are, no doubt, women who enjoy classic cars, for the most part, I think we have to admit that this is really a man's pursuit.

Some women have to really compete for a bit of time and attention, not with another woman, but with a female of the motor variety!

Honestly, for a man who can't seem to place his dirty clothes in the hamper or wipe his feet when he comes in the house, it is utterly astonishing how he can keep a classic auto in spotless condition without allowing a speck of dirt to remain around for long. I love it!

Classic Car Insurance

Whether your classic car is a midnight blue 1932 Ford Sedan, a candy apple red 1967 Ford Mustang (my brother's personal favorite), or something in between, you want to be sure that you have coverage in case of damage or loss.

I know you can hardly bear the thought, but, sometimes, bad things happen; so be prepared. There are insurance agencies that offer specific types of coverage that are especially designed for classic car owners, like these:

  • Agreed Value - You can get coverage for a specific agreed value rather than have to be concerned about depreciation or actual cash value.

  • Comprehensive Only - You can get comprehensive only insurance for classic cars that are in the process of being restored or are in storage and not on the road.

  • Spare Parts Coverage

  • High Liability Limits

Some insurers of classic cars will even cover "modern classic cars." In other words, it doesn't necessarily have to be an antique. Some makes and models, even as young as 25 years old, may qualify for classic auto insurance.

You will probably be required to keep the vehicle in a lock-up storage facility like a secure locked garage or rented storage unit in order to get the coverage that you want.

When getting a quote for classic car insurance, be sure to ask for all the details, and don't agree to the policy until you feel comfortable with your understanding of all that is included or excluded.

No matter how she looks now, I'm sure your baby is a beauty - at least in your eyes. Keep her safe with proper classic auto insurance coverage.

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