Cheapest Car Insurance Quote Online

Cheapest Car Insurance Quote Online

You can certainly find the cheapest car insurance quote online by following some simple rules.

It's not "rocket science" but it helps to learn the secrets to reducing your premiums year after year.

I'm serious.  You really don't have to pay top dollar for your auto insurance coverage.

After all, the majority of people pay their annual premiums and rarely have to make a claim. I call that wasted money. :-)

Not that I want to have to make a claim, of course. It's just that I'm a serious penny-pincher and like to get good value for every dollar I spend.

Since I absolutely have to spend some of my hard earned cash on car insurance, I want to make sure I'm getting the cheapest auto insurance possible while still retaining quality coverage.

That just makes good sense (and cents!). 

There are definitely ways to save money on your automobile insurance and here are a few tips to help you get the best price and quote possible...

  • High Deductibles - carrying a higher deductible will reduce your premium considerably. If you choose this option, be wise and set aside that amount just in case you do have an at fault accident. You don't want to leave yourself in a bind.

  • Discounts - Take advantage of all possible discounts that are available. You can get discounts for things like the type of vehicle you drive, specific safety features, multiple vehicle coverage, defensive driving courses, good grades, and having a good driving record. Remember, you must ask for each discount by name to insure that you will get it. Many insurers won't tell you if you don't ask.

  • Reduce Coverage - Don't over-insure yourself. If you have an older car, you may not want to get "full coverage." Realize that even if you have comprehensive and collision coverage, you will only ever get the actual value of the car in case of a claim.

  • Comparison Shopping - You can get a range of prices if you take the time to shop around. Don't just go with the first quote you receive. Take advantage of the fierce competition in the insurance industry. Even after you find the cheapest car insurance quote online, you can contact the company directly and negotiate an even better deal for yourself. I think it's worth the effort.

Free Online Quote Services

There are a number of free online quote services that you can use to shop around and find the best car insurance prices for you. Here are a few that I recommend if you'd like to give them a try...

Each link will open in a new window for you so that you can compare your results and find the cheapest quote. I'd love it if you took a couple of minutes when you are done and let us know where you found the best deal. Other visitors would benefit from your findings, I'm sure.

Safe Driving!

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