Cheap Caravan Insurance Policy

Cheap Caravan Insurance Policy

Those that are looking for a cheap caravan insurance policy are probably just trying to save their money to spend on their travels, and who could blame them? 

Paying for insurance can be so depressing.  It often feels like you are throwing your hard earned money down the drain. 

That is, until you have to file a claim!  Then the sheer relief of knowing that you aren't going to suffer a complete loss is overwhelming.

You might even be tempted to brag a bit about how wise you were to have decent motor home insurance that covered your losses.

When we say we want a cheap caravan insurance policy, all we really mean is that we don't want to pay any more than we have to pay.

That's fair, and it's not an unrealistic request.

Personally, I prefer to choose a company that specializes in insurance policies for RV's, travel trailers, motor homes, caravans, or whatever term you choose to use for your home away from home.

The reason I take that view is because the insurance you need on a caravan is considerably different than the coverage needed on a passenger car or truck.  There are quite a few more angles to consider.

The foremost RV insurance company these days is Good Sam.  They've held that number one position for a number of years and generally considered to be extremely reliable and helpful to their members when they need assistance.

Obviously, we always cross our fingers and hope and pray that we don't ever need help, but the truth is it's almost inevitable that something will happen eventually while you're on the road. 

I don't think we've ever taken a trip in our motor home that "something" didn't happen.  If I remember correctly, the last time we hit the road we ended up with a blowout that sent a piece of the tire up under the Winnebago and tore out the break lines - - not good!

It helps when you have RV roadside assistance and, of course, an extended warranty for repairs helps too.  :) 

Fortunately, thanks to the driving skills of my hubby and the grace of the Good Lord, we didn't crash or cause other damage to the Winnebago or anyone else.  But, it's always better to be safe than sorry!

You'll probably get the best deal on your caravan insurance at Good Sam, but everyone has a different situation, so you never can tell for sure until you check around a bit. 

I would suggest that you get a free quote from Good Sam, and then ALSO ask your own regular auto insurance provider for a quote, too.  Just remember that you may not be getting quoted on the same type of coverage.

With Good Sam you'll be getting cover not just on the caravan itself, but on your own personal belongings in it (usually up to $3000), on the permanent attachments you've added (like awnings, antennae, etc), and even some emergency funds if you're stranded over 100 miles from home.

Auto insurance companies don't always include those extras, so don't assume that a quote for a cheap caravan insurance policy from your car insurer is the best value for money.  Look at the details of the options before passing final judgement.

Don't forget also that if you're only using your motor home or travel trailer part of the year and you store it the rest of the year, you can save a LOT on your insurance premiums.  Don't forget to ask for that discount with whichever company you choose to consider.

Have fun on your travels and be safe!

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