Tips For Cheap Car Insurance
Young People Need To Know

Cheap Car Insurance Young People

We've got tips for cheap car insurance young people need to know in order to get the best price on their auto insurance premiums. 

Auto insurance for young drivers is always high.  That's a simple fact of life that you really can't escape, no matter how hard you try. 

BUT, you can bring the price down a bit if you know and understand some basic principles that insurance companies use to calculate insurance premiums for young or new drivers.

Brand new drivers are considered a much higher risk to the insurer because of their lack of experience behind the wheel.

Add to that risk the often foolishness of youth that is spurred on by peer pressure, a sense of being invincible, and an extreme attachment to modern forms of communication (talking and texting).  

I guess it's no wonder that insurance companies want to hedge their bets by increasing the cost of insurance on young drivers.

Help For Cheap Car Insurance Young People Seek

  1. Inexperience is the first strike against you. You can counter that disadvantage by taking an additional drivers safety courses. If you take a class on defensive driving, that's even better. Be sure to tell the insurance company of your extra training.

  2. Trot out your grades, but only if they're good! Many companies offer discounts for good students. That's something to keep in mind as you get into high school and start thinking about buying your first car. The better your grades, the more 'trustworthy' the insurer feels you are.

    (Personally, I really don't think grades make a big difference in how well you drive. Grades aren't always a good judge of a person's overall knowledge and skill. On the other hand, I think car insurance companies just feel you have more self discipline if you're a good student, so they are willing to factor that in and give you a little price break.)

  3. Choose a 'safe' car. Insurance companies don't like souped up hot rods in the hands of teen guys. As much as you'd like a high performance vehicle, you will definitely pay for it when it comes to your car insurance. A medium sized auto that has been rated as one of the safer cars on the road will save you money on your auto insurance and probably cause your mother less stress!

  4. Use your parents to your advantage. If you can convince them, get your parents to add you to their insurance policy. This is especially true if they have a good driving history. They will be billed much less than what you will be billed if you try to get your own policy separately.

  5. Shop around! Take advantage of the different free car insurance quote services. Different insurance companies will give you different rates. You may be able to save $100 or more, just by taking the time to compare prices.

These are the tips that are especially important for teenage drivers to help them save money. There are additional discounts available that apply to all drivers. Consider them, too, for even greater car insurance savings.

Drive Safely!

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