Cheap Car Insurance Australia

Cheap Car Insurance Australia

We talk about "secrets" to cheap car insurance Australia, but there really are no real secrets.

Perhaps we should just refer to them as some tips and info that you should know to help you save money on your Australia auto insurance.

Just like with car insurance in other countries, you need to be knowledgeable first about the types of policies available and the coverage that should be included your auto insurance.

Although policies and coverage may differ in each state and territory of Australia, there are a lot of similarities in car insurance services being offered by auto insurance providers all around the country.

There are always going to be some insurance providers that offer their coverage at a discount, but then they don't serve their customers very well.

These you obviously want to avoid!  There are enough reliable companies that can offer you great rates AND quality service that you don't have to settle for one or the other.

So, the first thing that you need to think about when considering car insurance in Australia is the type or kinds of car insurance service that you are looking for.

Compulsory Third Party insurance (CTP) is known as the basic type of car insurance in Australia.  Although it does not cover the damages inflicted to the car of the policy holder or the third party involved, it does cover the expenses for the hospital bills of the individuals involved.

CTP Insurance is required by law and is paid directly to your state transport department when you register your vehicle each year.  Even though you can't register your vehicle without paying your CTP insurance, you do get to choose which company you want as your insurance underwriter.

Legally, that's all the insurance you are required to have, so if you're literally wanting cheap car insurance Australia, you can stop right there.  I'm not necessarily saying you "should," just that you "can." ;)

Most Aussie drivers do want a bit more insurance.  If you have an older, low value vehicle, you may not worry about insuring it, but you may see the importance of covering your risks if you happen to be in an accident where you are the one at fault. 

In that case, you can purchase Third Party Property Damage.  It's a wise move and usually fairly inexpensive.  You can even add Fire & Theft coverage for your own vehicle for very little more and still wind up with reasonably cheap car insurance in Australia.

More often than not, Australian drivers and vehicle owners prefer getting  Comprehensive Cover, so that their own losses are cared for in the event of an accident or damage to their vehicle. 

If you still need a bit more info on the various types of cover, read my article on Australia car insurance and you'll also find some tips for driving the price down.

Okay, once you have determined exactly what you want or need in the way of insurance, the next step is to cheap car insurance Australia is shopping!

Get an Australia car insurance quote from a few different companies and compare.  See who is willing to offer you the best rate.  Don't be afraid to play the companies off against one another.  ;) Let them know you're shopping around and tell them what type of numbers you've already received.

Believe it or not, it works!  I just saved more than $50 in a couple of minutes by doing a little smart comparison shopping.

Off you go!  Have fun!

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